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ITI jobs in Saraikela By Naukri Mitra, Electrician jobs are crucial in various industries, handling electrical wiring, maintenance, and repairs. Electricians interpret blueprints, install wiring and lighting systems, and ensure safety compliance. They troubleshoot electrical faults using testing devices and repair or replace faulty components. In Saraikela, Naukri Mitra offers opportunities for electricians to work in the construction, manufacturing, and maintenance sectors. Electricians need technical skills and adherence to safety standards, to ensure reliable electrical systems.


ITI jobs in Saraikela By Naukri Mitra, Fitters assemble and install mechanical parts and equipment. They read blueprints, use hand and power tools, and ensure precision in fitting components. Fitters work in manufacturing plants, construction sites, and repair shops, contributing to the production and maintenance of machinery. Saraikela offers diverse opportunities for fitters skilled in aligning and adjusting parts to meet specifications. Naukri Mitra facilitates placements for fitters across various industries, emphasizing accuracy and mechanical aptitude.


ITI jobs in Saraikela By Naukri Mitra, Turners operate lathes and other machine tools to shape metal parts to precise dimensions. They read engineering drawings, select appropriate tools, and set up machines for cutting, drilling, and grinding operations. Turners are essential in manufacturing and repair industries, producing components for automotive, aerospace, and engineering applications. Saraikela provides opportunities for turners to showcase their machining skills in a dynamic industrial environment. Naukri Mitra connects skilled turners with job openings that require proficiency in metalworking and machine operations.


ITI jobs in Saraikela By Naukri Mitra, Machinists use machine tools to fabricate parts and products with precision. They interpret blueprints, set up machines, and monitor operations to ensure conformity to specifications. Machinists work in the manufacturing, automotive, and aerospace sectors, contributing to the production of complex components. In Saraikela, Naukri Mitra offers machinists opportunities to utilize their skills in operating lathes, mills, and grinders. Machinists play a crucial role in maintaining production efficiency and quality standards through precise machining processes.


ITI jobs in Saraikela By Naukri Mitra, Welders join metal parts using welding techniques such as arc, MIG, and TIG welding. They read blueprints, select welding equipment, and inspect welds for accuracy and strength. Welders work in the construction, manufacturing, and repair industries, contributing to structural integrity and fabrication processes. Saraikela provides diverse opportunities for welders to demonstrate their expertise in metal fusion and fabrication. Naukri Mitra facilitates placements for skilled welders across various sectors, emphasizing safety protocols and welding standards.

Mechanic (Motor Vehicle)

ITI jobs in Saraikela By Naukri Mitra, Motor Vehicle Mechanics diagnose, repair, and maintain vehicles such as cars, trucks, and motorcycles. They inspect engines, perform routine maintenance, and identify mechanical issues using diagnostic equipment. Mechanics in Saraikela benefit from Naukri Mitra’s job placements, which offer opportunities in automotive workshops and service centers. Motor Vehicle Mechanics require technical knowledge of engines, transmissions, and electrical systems to ensure vehicle performance and safety. Naukri Mitra connects skilled mechanics with positions that require expertise in diagnosing and repairing automotive systems.


ITI jobs in Saraikela By Naukri Mitra, Plumbers install and repair piping systems for water, gas, and drainage in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. They interpret blueprints, select piping materials, and use specialized tools to ensure proper installation and functionality. Plumbers in Saraikela play a crucial role in maintaining infrastructure and ensuring efficient water distribution and waste disposal. Naukri Mitra facilitates placements for plumbers skilled in pipefitting and plumbing techniques across diverse sectors. Plumbers adhere to safety standards and building codes to deliver reliable plumbing solutions in Saraikela's construction and maintenance projects.

Tool and Die Maker

ITI jobs in Saraikela By Naukri Mitra, Tool and Die Makers create and repair molds, dies, and fixtures used in manufacturing processes. They interpret technical drawings, select materials, and operate machinery to produce precision tools for shaping metal and plastic components. Tool and Die Makers in Saraikela contribute to the production of automotive parts, consumer goods, and industrial equipment. Naukri Mitra connects skilled makers with job opportunities that require expertise in CNC machining, tool assembly, and die maintenance. Tool and Die Makers play a critical role in ensuring the efficiency and quality of manufacturing operations in Saraikela.

Stenography (English/Hindi)

ITI jobs in Saraikela By Naukri Mitra, Stenographers transcribe spoken words into written text using shorthand or stenotype machines. They provide administrative support by recording meetings, interviews, and other spoken proceedings with accuracy and speed. Stenographers proficient in English and Hindi transcription play a vital role in legal, corporate, and government sectors in Saraikela. Naukri Mitra offers opportunities for skilled stenographers to utilize their typing and transcription skills effectively. Stenographers ensure documentation accuracy and confidentiality, contributing to organizational efficiency and communication in Saraikela's professional environments.

Dress Making

ITI jobs in Saraikela By Naukri Mitra, Dressmakers create garments and apparel using sewing machines, patterns, and fabrics. They interpret fashion designs, measure and cut fabrics, and sew pieces together to create clothing items. Dressmakers in Saraikela contribute to the fashion industry, designing and tailoring garments for clients and retail markets. Naukri Mitra facilitates placements for dressmakers skilled in garment construction, alteration, and customization. Dressmakers play a creative role in Saraikela's textile and fashion sectors, ensuring quality craftsmanship and customer satisfaction in clothing production and tailoring services.

Secretarial Practice

ITI jobs in Saraikela By Naukri Mitra, Secretaries provide administrative support by managing correspondence, scheduling appointments, and organizing meetings. They handle office communications, maintain files, and assist in document preparation and distribution. Secretaries proficient in secretarial practices play a crucial role in facilitating smooth operations in Saraikela's businesses and organizations. Naukri Mitra connects skilled secretaries with job opportunities that require proficiency in office management, computer applications, and interpersonal communication. Secretaries enhance efficiency and productivity by managing administrative tasks and supporting executives and teams in Saraikela's professional environments.

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