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Maids and House Keeping Services

Are you looking for a Maid or Domestic helper? Now your search is over. Naukri Mitra is one of the best maid agencies in India. We provide Maids & Domestic helpers For Part-time/full-time & 24hours or live-in.


Babysitter and Nanny & Child Care Services

Naukri Mitra is one of the best Babysitters & Nanny Jobs & services agencies in India. Babysitter & is selected through oral and written exams. Most experienced candidates are selected for this job.


Japa Maid or Post Delivery Mother and Baby Care

Newborn babies are soft like flowers, it is very important to take proper care of them, this can only be done by experienced women. Mother and baby need care and massage after delivery and this is only for experienced Japa Maid or Grandmothers who have raised multiple babies can do the same.


Home Nurse and Senior-Citizen Caretaker Services

The caretaker and well-trained home nurse jobs and services are provided to take care of the elderly and patients. The job of a home nurse is to bathe the patients, feed them, give them medicine, Timely sugar blood pressure, and do other tests, wearing and changing the patient's diaper if necessary.


Home Cook and Hotel Cooks

Naukri Mitra has a database of thousands of cooks. Job is provided to many cooks every day by Naukri Mitra. We provide cook jobs and services for homes and restaurants and hotels. We provide Cook for part-time/full-time and 24 hours Or Live-in. Cook service are provided for all types of food like Indian cuisines.


Car Drivers and Car Driving School Services

We provide part-time/full-time and 24 hours Driver Jobs & services for home help & commercial purpose, Bhumi Driving School is our partnership organization, It is the best driving school in India. You can contact us if you are looking for car drivers or even if you want to learn car driving by professionals

Best Service Provider

Why You Should Choose Naukri Mitra

Naukri Mitra is one of the leading Domestic help and other service providers agencies in India, we make sure that our customers gets the best services at affordable prices. Our aim is to amke your life hassel-free by connecting you with the best helpers in just one click

Easy and Convenient

Easy and hassle-free services to cater all your domesti needs

Verified Workers

Find only professional and verified workers at Naukri Mitra

Speak To Workers

You can directly speak to worker or can also meet them

Affordable Pricing

You will find helpers and workers at affordable prices

Trust Factor

Our Promise

We are So popular For Providing Best Service With legal Agreement, Our Staff Are Regular and Follow All rules and Regulation of company, We are so Strict For Disciplined. You will not have any complaint with our candidate, all the candidates are contracted by the agency, if any candidate does not give good service, then legal action is taken against them and replacement will be arranged for you immediately.


Guranteed Quality Cleaning
Service Everytime

Kusum Pipraiya

Babysitter, Cook, Japa Maid

Anita Chokse

Maid, Cook, Babysitter, Caretaker

Rubi Kushwaha

Maid, Cook, Babysitter
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Every Domestic Help Service Related Answer is Here

Simply post your Requirment in Naukri Mitra Website and Get Cleaning Service.

Cleaning service average cost in India depends on customers requirements

House Cleaning Charges -

1 BHK - 3000 to 4000 Rupees

2 BHK - 4000 to 4500 Rupees

3 BHK - 6000 to 7000 Rupees

Bathroom Cleaning Charges -

Singal Bathroom - 500 to 600 Rupees

Sofa Dry Cleaning Charges -

1 Sitter - 150 to 200 Rupees

2 sitter - 300 to 400 Rupees

Water tank Cleaning Charges -

Water tank - 1000 to 1200 Rupees

Underground Water Tank - 1500 to 2000 Rupees.

1. Post your requirement on the Naukri Mitra website or you can tell your requirement by talking to Naukri Mitra's contact number 9131800339.

2. Employer registration will have to be done in Naukri Mitra and the registration fee will have to be paid 1000 / - registration fee, after which you will be sent the profile of the candidates who will be ready to work at your home.

There are many such tasks in homes, which cannot be even listed, yet we try to show the same domestic helps in most of the houses - House Cleaning Work, Dusting, Washing utensils, Grocery Shopping, Washing clothes, Cloths Ironing, Cooking, Taking care of children

To hire a maid service, in addition to the salary of Maid, agency fee has to be paid, if Maid's salary is Rs 15000 then agency will be Rs 15000, in this fee you will get 6 months service. The salary of a maid in India also depends on the location.

Maid salary in metro cities

Part-time maid salary - 5000 to 10000 per month

Full-time maid salary - Rs 12000 to 15000 per month

24 hours maid salary - Rs 15000 to 25000 per month

Non-Metro Cities maid Salary -

Part-time maid salary - Rs 3000 to 6000 per month

Full-time maid salary - 8000 to 12 000 per month

24 hours maid salary - 10000 to 15000 rupees per month


Helpers are appointed to take care of children, they are called babysitters.

Babysitter's Responsibilities - All the work related to the baby is the job or responsibilities of the babysitter, the babysitter has to do the following -

Feeding the children, Entertaining children, Changing baby clothes and diapers, Cleaning the baby's room, Teaching good habits to children, pick and drop off children at school, Cooking for children

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Hire Maid In Mumbai 

With a lot of effort, Naukri Mitra has made it safe and easy to hire maid for house, not only that you can also get a maid for free.


Maid Agency in Delhi

Delhi has the highest crime rate in the country, people want to have a trusted government-approved Maid agency so that their family is safe, and domestic helpers are provided after a high-level investigation by Naukri Mitra.

Maid Service Indore 

Hiring maid Or Domestic helper Services in Indore is now not difficult because Naukri  Mitra provides very Easy


Japa Maid Service Gurgaon 

If you want to make a career in the home nursing field and are searching for a job in this field, then Naukri Mitra is recruiting fresher and more experienced candidates, you can get a good salary here.
If you want to make a career in the home nursing field and are searching for a job in this field, then Naukri Mitra is recruiting fresher and more experienced candidates, you can get a good salary here.
If you want to make a career in the home nursing field and are searching for a job in this field, then Naukri Mitra is recruiting fresher and more experienced candidates, you can get a good salary here.

Don't Sit Idle, Work Hard Only Then Progress Is Possible Find Jobs In Naukri Mitra Free & Safe

Caretaker and Home Nurse job in Patna 

Patna, Bihar
If you want to make a career in the home nursing field and are searching for a job in this field, then Naukri Mitra is recruiting fresher and more experienced candidates, you can get a good salary here.

Maid-serviceHousekeeper Jobs In Mumbai

Mumbai, India
There is a need for housekeepers in hotels and homes, day and night shift and both male and female candidates are qualified for this job, attractive salary and the tip is also provided by customers.

Newest Driver job Bangalore

Banglore, India 

The salary of driving jobs in Bangalore will surprise you, there are a lot of driver vacancies open here. Candidates can get jobs online without any hassle and without any fees.


Job opening for the cook in Delhi 

Delhi, India
If you are looking for a cooking job in Delhi, then apply from Naukri Mitra. here cooking jobs in hotels, cooking jobs at home, jobs in hostels, and other part-time and full-time cooking jobs are available here.

Latest Maid Job in Mumbai

Mumbai, India

If you work as a maid or domestic helper and want to work at a very good salary in Mumbai, then there is a golden opportunity for you.

Full-time Babysitter Jobs in Nagpur

Nagpur, India

There are the latest new job vacancies in Nagpur, Maharashtra,  People are searching for Domestic Helper and babysitters and Home Nurse and Cook at home.
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