ITI Jobs in Imphal



Engineering Trades

ITI jobs in Imphal By Naukri Mitra cover a wide spectrum of engineering trades. Electricians play a crucial role in electrical installations and maintenance. Fitters are skilled in assembling and fitting components. Turners operate lathes and other machinery for precision machining. Machinists craft metal parts using various tools. Welders join metal parts through welding techniques. Mechanics specializing in motor vehicles diagnose and repair automotive systems. Plumbers install and repair piping systems. Tool and Die Makers create specialized tools and molds.

Non-Engineering Trades

In Imphal, Naukri Mitra advertises ITI jobs that span beyond engineering. Stenographers proficient in English or Hindi transcribe spoken words. Dressmakers create bespoke garments with precision. Secretarial practices involve administrative support roles. Hospital housekeeping ensures cleanliness and hygiene in medical facilities. Catering and hospitality assistants cater to guest needs. Data entry operators input, update, and maintain data records accurately.

Information Technology (IT) and Computer Trades

For IT enthusiasts, Imphal offers ITI jobs in Computer Operator and Programming Assistant (COPA) roles. These professionals handle data entry, basic programming, and system operations. Information Technology and Electronics System Maintenance roles focus on troubleshooting and maintaining IT systems and electronic equipment.

Automotive Trades

Mechanics specializing in diesel engines maintain and repair diesel-powered vehicles. Tractor mechanics service agricultural and construction machinery. Auto Electrical and Electronics mechanics troubleshoot and fix vehicle electrical systems and components.

Construction Trades

In the construction sector, ITI jobs include carpenters skilled in woodworking, masons specializing in building construction, and painters adept at surface preparation and painting techniques.

Healthcare Trades

Healthcare ITI jobs in Imphal encompass roles such as Health Sanitary Inspectors who ensure sanitation standards in healthcare settings. Physiotherapy technicians aid in patient rehabilitation, while laboratory assistants support diagnostic procedures in medical laboratories.

Electronics and Electrical Trades

Electronics mechanics maintain and repair electronic equipment and devices. Instrument mechanics calibrate and repair precision instruments used in various industries.

Agriculture Trades

ITI jobs in agriculture include roles like Fruit and Vegetable Processors involved in food processing and preservation. Dairying professionals handle dairy farm operations and milk production.

Fabrication Trades

Fabrication ITI jobs involve Sheet Metal Workers who cut, bend, and assemble metal sheets into products. Foundrymen specialize in casting metal parts using molds and furnaces.

Food Production Trades

Bakers and confectioners prepare baked goods and confectionery items. Food production ITI jobs encompass general roles in food processing plants, ensuring quality and safety standards.

Textile Trades

Weavers operate looms to create textiles from yarn or thread. Textile Wet Processing Technicians handle dyeing, bleaching, and finishing processes in textile production.

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