ITI Jobs in Bharuch



Engineering Trades in Bharuch

Explore a variety of engineering opportunities in Bharuch by Naukri Mitra. Positions include Electricians skilled in installation and maintenance, Fitters adept in assembly, and Turners specializing in precision machining. Machinists are also sought for their expertise in operating machine tools, while Welders bring essential skills in joining metals. Positions for Mechanics (Motor Vehicle) and Plumbers are available, along with opportunities for Tool and Die Makers. These roles cater to a range of industrial needs, providing stable career paths in Bharuch.

Non-Engineering Jobs Available

Discover diverse non-engineering roles in Bharuch offered by Naukri Mitra. Stenographers proficient in English and Hindi transcription, along with skilled professionals in Dress Making and Secretarial Practice, are in demand. Positions in Hospital Housekeeping and Catering & Hospitality Assistant offer entry-level opportunities, while Data Entry Operators play crucial roles in data management. These positions provide avenues for career growth and skill development in non-engineering sectors in Bharuch.

IT and Computer Careers in Bharuch

ITI jobs in Bharuch by Naukri Mitra offer promising careers in IT and computer fields. Roles like Computer Operators and Programming Assistants (COPA) are integral to data processing and software development. Information Technology and Electronics System Maintenance positions ensure the smooth operation of electronic systems. These roles require technical proficiency and problem-solving skills, catering to the growing IT sector in Bharuch.

Opportunities in Automotive Trades

Bharuch presents opportunities in automotive trades through Naukri Mitra. Mechanics specializing in Diesel engines, Tractors, and Auto Electrical and Electronics are in demand. These roles involve diagnosing, repairing, and maintaining vehicles, ensuring optimal performance and safety. Automotive trades in Bharuch provide stable employment and opportunities for skill enhancement in a dynamic industry.

Construction Industry Positions

The construction sector in Bharuch offers diverse opportunities through Naukri Mitra. Carpenters skilled in woodwork and construction, Masons specializing in building construction, and Painters adept in surface preparation and painting are sought. These roles contribute to infrastructure development, offering steady employment and prospects for advancement in Bharuch's construction industry.

Healthcare Job Openings in Bharuch

Naukri Mitra features healthcare job openings in Bharuch. Health Sanitary Inspectors ensure hygiene standards, while Physiotherapy Technicians aid in rehabilitation. Laboratory Assistants play pivotal roles in diagnostic testing, contributing to healthcare service delivery. These roles require a commitment to public health and offer rewarding career paths in Bharuch's healthcare sector.

Electronics and Electrical Roles

Explore electronics and electrical roles in Bharuch through Naukri Mitra. Electronics Mechanics specializes in electronic equipment repair and maintenance, while Instrument Mechanics focuses on precision instrument calibration and maintenance. These roles are crucial in ensuring operational efficiency across various industries in Bharuch.

Agricultural Jobs in Bharuch

Bharuch offers agricultural jobs through Naukri Mitra, supporting its vibrant agricultural sector. Positions like Fruit and Vegetable Processors and those in Dairying contribute to food production and processing. These roles require knowledge of agricultural practices and offer opportunities for growth in Bharuch's agricultural industry.

Fabrication Careers Available

Discover fabrication careers in Bharuch with Naukri Mitra. Sheet Metal Workers specialize in cutting and shaping metal sheets, while Foundrymen operate furnaces for metal casting. These roles are essential in the manufacturing and construction industries, providing stable employment and avenues for skill development in Bharuch.

Food Production Opportunities

Naukri Mitra presents food production opportunities in Bharuch. Roles like Bakers and Confectioners specialize in baking and pastry making, ensuring quality food production. General Food Production positions involve processing and packaging food products, contributing to Bharuch's food industry growth.

Textile Industry Jobs in Bharuch

Explore textile industry jobs in Bharuch through Naukri Mitra. Weaving specialists operate looms to create fabrics, while Textile Wet Processing Technicians handle fabric dyeing and finishing processes. These roles support Bharuch's textile manufacturing sector, offering career stability and opportunities for advancement.

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