ITI Jobs in Ajmer



ITI Jobs in Ajmer: Engineering Trades Opportunities

ITI jobs in Ajmer by Naukri Mitra offer diverse opportunities in engineering trades. Positions include Electrician, Fitter, Turner, Machinist, Welder, Mechanic (Motor Vehicle), Plumber, and Tool and Die Maker. These roles are integral to Ajmer's industrial landscape, providing essential skills in the manufacturing and maintenance sectors. Aspiring candidates can expect hands-on training and career growth in these specialized fields, catering to both local industries and broader market demands.

Non-Engineering ITI Jobs in Ajmer: Secretarial Practice, Catering, and More

For those inclined towards non-engineering trades, Ajmer ITI jobs by Naukri Mitra cover diverse roles such as Stenography (English/Hindi), Dress Making, Secretarial Practice, Hospital Housekeeping, Catering and Hospitality Assistant, and Data Entry Operator. These positions cater to administrative support, hospitality services, and vocational skills essential for service-oriented industries in Ajmer and beyond.

Ajmer ITI Jobs: Information Technology and Computer Operator Roles

Explore ITI jobs in Ajmer focusing on Information Technology (IT) and Computer Operator roles. Opportunities include Computer Operator and Programming Assistant (COPA), and Information Technology and Electronics System Maintenance. These roles equip candidates with fundamental IT skills crucial for today's digital era, offering avenues in both private enterprises and government sectors in Ajmer.

Automotive ITI Jobs in Ajmer: Diesel Mechanic, Auto Electrical

Ajmer ITI jobs in automotive trades feature roles like Mechanic (Diesel), Mechanic (Tractor), and Mechanic (Auto Electrical and Electronics). These positions are pivotal in the maintenance and repair of automotive machinery, serving Ajmer's growing automotive industry and ensuring efficient vehicle operations across the region.

Construction Trades ITI Jobs in Ajmer: Carpenter, Mason, Painter Vacancies

ITI jobs in Ajmer's construction trades offer opportunities in Carpenter, Mason (Building Constructor), and Painter (General) roles. These positions play a crucial role in Ajmer's infrastructure development, providing skilled labor for residential, commercial, and public construction projects.

Healthcare ITI Jobs in Ajmer: Physiotherapy, Laboratory Assistant Roles

In Ajmer, ITI jobs in healthcare encompass roles such as Health Sanitary Inspector, Physiotherapy Technician, and Laboratory Assistant. These positions are essential for maintaining health standards in Ajmer's healthcare facilities, offering career paths in public health and medical support services.

Ajmer ITI Jobs in Electronics and Electrical: Mechanic, Instrument Roles

Ajmer ITI jobs in electronics and electrical trades include roles like Electronics Mechanic and Instrument Mechanic. These positions are crucial for maintaining and repairing electronic and electrical equipment, supporting Ajmer's industrial and technological sectors.

Agriculture ITI Jobs in Ajmer: Fruit Processor, Dairy Opportunities

Explore ITI jobs in Ajmer's agriculture sector with roles like Fruit and Vegetable Processor and Dairying. These positions focus on agricultural production and processing, catering to Ajmer's agricultural community and contributing to food supply chains.

Fabrication ITI Jobs in Ajmer: Sheet Metal, Foundryman Positions

ITI jobs in Ajmer's fabrication trades offer roles such as Sheet Metal Worker and Foundryman. These positions involve metal fabrication and casting processes, supporting Ajmer's manufacturing and construction industries with specialized skills.

Food Production ITI Jobs in Ajmer: Baker, Food Production Roles

In Ajmer, ITI jobs in food production include roles like Baker and Food Production (General). These positions are vital for Ajmer's food industry, offering opportunities in bakery operations and food processing facilities.

Textile ITI Jobs in Ajmer: Weaving, Textile Processing Technician Vacancies

ITI jobs in Ajmer's textile sector feature roles like Weaving and Textile Wet Processing Technician. These positions support Ajmer's textile industry, providing skills in textile production and processing for both traditional and modern textile enterprises.

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