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Engineering Trades

In Sirohi, ITI graduates in engineering trades like electricians, Fitters, turners, Machinists, welders, mechanics (Motor vehicles), Plumbers, and Tool and Die makers have ample opportunities. These trades are crucial in industries ranging from manufacturing to construction and automotive sectors. Electricians are particularly in demand for installation and maintenance tasks, while Fitters and Turners work with precision machinery. Machinists and Welders contribute to production processes, and Mechanics specialize in vehicle maintenance. Plumbers play a vital role in infrastructure development, and Tool and Die Makers are essential for tooling industries, ensuring efficient production processes.

Non-Engineering Trades

Non-engineering trades in Sirohi offer diverse opportunities for ITI graduates. Stenography (English/Hindi) skills are sought after in administrative roles, while dress-making and Secretarial Practice caters to fashion and office environments. Hospital Housekeeping and Catering and Hospitality Assistant roles are essential for the healthcare and service sectors. Data Entry Operators are integral to managing information flow in various industries. Each of these trades provides a unique career path, ensuring ITI graduates find suitable employment opportunities in Sirohi's growing economy.

Information Technology (IT) and Computer Trades

ITI graduates specializing in Information Technology (IT) and Computer Trades in Sirohi have promising career prospects. Computer Operator and Programming Assistant (COPA) roles are essential in managing data and software systems across industries. Information Technology and Electronics System Maintenance skills are critical for maintaining and troubleshooting IT infrastructure. These trades equip graduates with technical skills that are highly valued in today's digital economy, offering opportunities in IT firms, manufacturing units, and service sectors across Sirohi.

Automotive Trades

In Sirohi, Automotive Trades offer lucrative career options for ITI graduates. Mechanics specializing in Diesel engines, Tractors, and Auto Electrical and Electronics are in demand across automotive workshops and service centers. These roles involve diagnosing, repairing, and maintaining vehicles, ensuring smooth operation and customer satisfaction. ITI graduates in Automotive Trades benefit from hands-on training and technical skills that are essential in the growing automotive industry of Sirohi, contributing to the region's economic development.

Construction Trades

Construction trades in Sirohi provide significant opportunities for ITI graduates specializing in Carpenter, Mason (Building Constructor), and Painter (General) roles. Carpenters work with wood and other materials to construct buildings and furniture. Masons specialize in building construction, from foundations to finishing touches. Painters ensure the aesthetic appeal and protection of structures. These trades require skilled craftsmanship and contribute to Sirohi's infrastructure development, offering stable and rewarding careers for ITI graduates.

Healthcare Trades

ITI graduates in Healthcare Trades in Sirohi have diverse career options in roles such as Health Sanitary Inspector, Physiotherapy Technician, and Laboratory Assistant. Health Sanitary Inspectors ensure sanitation standards in public and private spaces. Physiotherapy Technicians assist in treatments, aiding patient recovery. Laboratory Assistants support medical diagnostics and research. These trades are crucial in the healthcare sector, offering ITI graduates opportunities to contribute to community health and well-being in Sirohi.

Electronics and Electrical Trades

Electronics and Electrical Trades in Sirohi offer promising career paths for ITI graduates specializing in Electronics Mechanic and Instrument Mechanic roles. Electronics Mechanics repair and maintain electronic equipment, from consumer electronics to industrial machinery. Instrument Mechanics focus on precision instruments used in various sectors, ensuring accuracy and reliability. These trades are integral to Sirohi's industrial landscape, providing ITI graduates with opportunities in manufacturing, automation, and service sectors.

Agriculture Trades

In Sirohi, Agriculture Trades offer diverse opportunities for ITI graduates, including roles like Fruit and Vegetable Processor and Dairying. Fruit and Vegetable Processors handle sorting, processing, and packaging of agricultural produce. Dairying involves dairy farm management and milk processing. These trades support agricultural productivity and food processing industries in Sirohi, providing ITI graduates with essential skills for careers in agribusiness and rural development.

Fabrication Trades

Fabrication Trades in Sirohi provide significant career opportunities for ITI graduates specializing in Sheet Metal Worker and Foundryman roles. Sheet Metal Workers fabricate and install metal structures and components. Foundrymen work with molten metals to cast parts and products. These trades are essential in the manufacturing and construction sectors of Sirohi, offering ITI graduates pathways to skilled employment and contributing to industrial growth and infrastructure development.

Food Production Trades

Food Production Trades in Sirohi offer rewarding career paths for ITI graduates, including roles like Baker and Confectioner and Food Production (General). Bakers specialize in baking bread and pastries, while Confectioners create sweets and desserts. General Food Production roles involve processing and packaging food products. These trades cater to the food industry's demand for skilled personnel in Sirohi, ensuring quality food production and distribution across local and regional markets.

Textile Trades

Textile Trades in Sirohi provide diverse career opportunities for ITI graduates, including roles like Weaving and Textile Wet Processing Technician. Weavers create fabrics using looms and other equipment. Textile Wet Processing Technicians handle fabric dyeing, printing, and finishing processes. These trades are crucial in Sirohi's textile industry, supporting textile manufacturing and garment production. ITI graduates in Textile Trades contribute to the region's textile heritage and economic growth, with opportunities in both traditional and modern textile enterprises.

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