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Electrician Jobs

Electrician jobs in Sangareddy By Naukri Mitra offer opportunities for skilled professionals adept at handling electrical installations, maintenance, and repairs. Responsibilities typically include wiring, troubleshooting electrical faults, and ensuring compliance with safety standards. Employers seek candidates with ITI certification in the Electrician trade, proficiency in reading blueprints, and knowledge of electrical codes. These roles often require hands-on experience in residential, commercial, or industrial settings. Electricians play a crucial role in maintaining electrical systems' functionality and safety across various sectors in Sangareddy.

Fitter Jobs

Fitter jobs available through Naukri Mitra in Sangareddy cater to candidates skilled in assembling, installing, and repairing mechanical systems. ITI graduates specializing in the Fitter trade are preferred for their expertise in interpreting technical drawings, operating machinery, and conducting quality checks. Fitters collaborate closely with engineers and technicians to ensure machinery operates efficiently. Positions may involve working in manufacturing, construction, or maintenance environments, contributing to the seamless operation of mechanical components and systems.

Turner Jobs

Turner jobs in Sangareddy By Naukri Mitra are ideal for ITI-qualified individuals proficient in operating lathes and other precision tools to shape metal components. Turner trade professionals play a crucial role in manufacturing processes, producing parts according to specifications. Key responsibilities include setting up machines, adjusting speeds, and maintaining equipment for optimal performance. Employers value Turner's ability to work with precision, adhere to safety protocols, and contribute to production timelines across industries like the automotive, aerospace, and manufacturing sectors.

Machinist Jobs

Machinist jobs available in Sangareddy through Naukri Mitra are suited for ITI graduates specializing in machining techniques. Machinists are skilled in operating machine tools such as lathes, milling machines, and grinders to fabricate metal parts. Responsibilities include reading blueprints, setting up machines, and performing quality checks to ensure accuracy. These roles are crucial in manufacturing settings where precision and efficiency are paramount. Machinists contribute to the production of components used in various industries, ensuring compliance with technical specifications and maintaining high standards of craftsmanship.

Welder Jobs

Welder jobs in Sangareddy offered by Naukri Mitra attract ITI-certified professionals proficient in welding techniques for joining metals. Welders play a vital role in construction, manufacturing, and repair industries, utilizing skills in arc welding, MIG/TIG welding, and oxy-fuel cutting. Responsibilities include interpreting welding symbols, preparing surfaces, and ensuring weld integrity according to specifications. Employers seek welders capable of working independently or as part of a team, prioritizing safety and quality. Welding jobs offer opportunities to contribute to infrastructure projects, fabrication processes, and maintenance tasks across diverse sectors in Sangareddy.

Mechanic (Motor Vehicle) Jobs

Mechanic (Motor Vehicle) jobs in Sangareddy By Naukri Mitra cater to ITI graduates specializing in automotive technology. These roles involve diagnosing, repairing, and maintaining vehicles, including cars, trucks, and motorcycles. Mechanics perform routine inspections, identify mechanical issues, and use diagnostic equipment to troubleshoot problems. They are skilled in engine repair, brake systems, electrical components, and other vehicle systems. Automotive mechanics play a crucial role in ensuring vehicle safety and performance, contributing to customer satisfaction and operational efficiency in automotive service centers or repair workshops.

Plumber Jobs

Plumber jobs available through Naukri Mitra in Sangareddy are suitable for ITI-certified plumbers proficient in installing, maintaining, and repairing plumbing systems. Plumbers handle tasks such as pipe fitting, fixture installation, and troubleshooting leaks or blockages. They work in residential, commercial, and industrial settings, ensuring the proper functioning of water supply and drainage systems. Key skills include reading blueprints, using plumbing tools, and adhering to building codes. Plumbers play a vital role in construction projects, renovations, and maintenance services, contributing to the infrastructure development and environmental sustainability in Sangareddy.

Computer Operator and Programming Assistant (COPA) Jobs

Computer Operator and Programming Assistant (COPA) jobs in Sangareddy By Naukri Mitra are tailored for ITI graduates proficient in computer operations and programming skills. COPA professionals handle tasks such as data entry, software installation, and troubleshooting computer systems. They possess knowledge of programming languages, database management, and networking fundamentals. These roles are critical in various sectors, including IT services, government offices, and educational institutions, supporting daily operations and technological advancements in Sangareddy's digital landscape.

Health Sanitary Inspector Jobs

Health Sanitary Inspector jobs available in Sangareddy through Naukri Mitra are suited for ITI-certified professionals specializing in public health and sanitation practices. Inspectors are responsible for ensuring compliance with hygiene standards in residential, commercial, and public spaces. They conduct inspections, educate the community on sanitation practices, and enforce regulations to prevent health hazards. Health Sanitary Inspectors collaborate with health officials, environmental agencies, and local authorities to promote cleanliness and disease prevention strategies. These roles contribute to improving public health outcomes and maintaining hygienic environments in Sangareddy.

Electronics Mechanic Jobs

Electronics Mechanic jobs in Sangareddy offered by Naukri Mitra are ideal for ITI graduates skilled in repairing and maintaining electronic equipment. These professionals troubleshoot circuit boards, replace components, and calibrate instruments to ensure functionality. Electronics Mechanics work in sectors such as telecommunications, manufacturing, and healthcare, supporting equipment used in communication, automation, and medical diagnostics. Key responsibilities include diagnosing faults, conducting preventive maintenance, and adhering to safety protocols. Electronics Mechanic roles offer opportunities to contribute to technological advancements and operational efficiency in Sangareddy's electronic industries.

Baker and Confectioner Jobs

Baker and Confectioner jobs available through Naukri Mitra in Sangareddy are suited for ITI-certified professionals specializing in bakery and pastry arts. Bakers create bread, cakes, pastries, and desserts, following recipes and baking techniques. They operate baking equipment, monitor baking times, and ensure quality control of baked goods. Confectioners focus on creating chocolates, candies, and other sweet treats, mastering techniques in tempering chocolate, molding candies, and decorating confections. These roles are essential in bakeries, hotels, and catering services, offering opportunities to showcase creativity and culinary skills in Sangareddy's food industry

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