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Engineering Trades

ITI jobs in Lunglei By Naukri Mitra, Engineering trades encompass a range of specialized skills crucial to industries. Electricians are skilled in electrical systems installation and maintenance. Fitters assemble and maintain machinery, ensuring operational efficiency. Turners shape metals for mechanical components with precision. Machinists operate machine tools to craft metal parts. Welders fuse metal parts using various techniques, vital in manufacturing and construction. Mechanics (Motor vehicles) repair and maintain automobiles, playing a pivotal role in transportation. Plumbers install and repair piping systems, essential for water and gas supply. Tool and Die Makers craft tools and molds for manufacturing processes, ensuring precision and quality.


ITI jobs in Lunglei By Naukri Mitra, Electricians play a crucial role in maintaining and repairing electrical systems. They install wiring, lighting, and control systems in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. Electricians ensure safety and compliance with electrical codes while troubleshooting and fixing electrical issues. They are skilled in reading blueprints, using electrical tools, and performing preventative maintenance to avoid breakdowns. Electricians work independently or as part of a team, providing essential services in various sectors.


ITI jobs in Lunglei By Naukri Mitra, Fitters are integral to manufacturing and assembly processes, specializing in fitting and assembling parts to construct machinery and equipment. They interpret engineering drawings, assemble components, and ensure proper alignment and functionality of machinery. Fitters use hand and power tools, measuring instruments, and precision machinery to achieve accurate assembly. They work across industries such as automotive, aerospace, and manufacturing, contributing to the production and maintenance of essential equipment.


ITI jobs in Lunglei By Naukri Mitra, Turners operate lathes and other machine tools to shape metal into cylindrical or conical shapes. They read blueprints, set up machines, and adjust cutting tools to achieve precise dimensions and finishes. Turners work in manufacturing industries producing components for various applications. Their skills in machining and precision work are critical for ensuring the quality and functionality of engineered parts used in machinery, vehicles, and other mechanical systems.


ITI jobs in Lunglei By Naukri Mitra, Machinists operate machine tools to produce precision metal parts used in manufacturing processes. They interpret technical drawings, set up machines, and monitor machining operations to ensure accuracy and adherence to specifications. Machinists work with lathes, milling machines, grinders, and computer numerical control (CNC) equipment to fabricate components for industries such as aerospace, automotive, and engineering. Their expertise in machining techniques and materials allows them to create complex parts that meet stringent quality standards.


ITI jobs in Lunglei By Naukri Mitra, Welders join metal parts using heat and pressure techniques, creating strong and durable bonds. They interpret blueprints, select welding equipment and materials, and perform welding operations according to specifications. Welders work in industries such as construction, manufacturing, and automotive, contributing to the fabrication and repair of structures and equipment. Their skills in welding processes like arc welding, MIG (Metal Inert Gas) welding, and TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) welding are essential for producing quality welds that meet industry standards.

Mechanic (Motor Vehicle)

ITI jobs in Lunglei By Naukri Mitra, Motor Vehicle Mechanics repair and maintain automobiles and other vehicles. They diagnose issues using diagnostic equipment and manual methods, perform routine maintenance, and repair or replace defective parts. Motor Vehicle Mechanics work in automotive repair shops, dealerships, and fleet maintenance facilities, ensuring vehicles operate safely and efficiently. Their expertise includes engine repair, brake system maintenance, electrical system diagnostics, and troubleshooting complex vehicle problems.


ITI jobs in Lunglei By Naukri Mitra, Plumbers install, repair, and maintain piping systems that carry water, gas, and waste. They interpret blueprints, select piping materials, and use hand and power tools to install fixtures, fittings, and appliances. Plumbers work in residential, commercial, and industrial settings, ensuring plumbing systems function properly and meet building codes. Their skills in pipefitting, soldering, and troubleshooting leaks are essential for maintaining water supply, sanitation, and safety in buildings.

Tool and Die Maker

ITI jobs in Lunglei By Naukri Mitra, Tool and Die Makers manufacture and repair precision tools, dies, and molds used in manufacturing processes. They interpret engineering drawings, select materials, and use machine tools and CNC equipment to fabricate tooling components. Tool and Die Makers work in industries such as automotive, aerospace, and electronics, producing custom tooling for mass production. Their skills in machining, grinding, and heat treatment ensure the accuracy, durability, and functionality of tooling used in industrial manufacturing.

Non-Engineering Trades

ITI jobs in Lunglei By Naukri Mitra, Non-engineering trades cover diverse skill sets essential in various service and operational roles. Stenographers are proficient in shorthand and typing support administrative functions in government offices and corporate settings. Dressmakers specialize in garment construction, applying sewing and pattern-making skills in fashion design and apparel production. Secretarial Practice professionals manage office communications and scheduling, facilitating efficient workflow in business environments. Hospital Housekeeping staff maintain cleanliness and sanitation in healthcare facilities, supporting infection control and patient care standards. Catering and Hospitality Assistants assist in food service and guest accommodation, ensuring quality hospitality experiences. Data Entry Operators manage data input and processing tasks, supporting information management in diverse industries.

Stenography (English/Hindi)

ITI jobs in Lunglei By Naukri Mitra, Stenography involves proficiency in shorthand and typing skills to transcribe spoken words quickly. Stenographers support administrative tasks in legal, medical, and corporate settings, recording meetings, interviews, and other proceedings accurately. They use stenotype machines or shorthand methods to capture spoken language efficiently, producing transcripts for documentation and reference. Stenographers require strong listening skills, attention to detail, and transcription accuracy to fulfill their roles effectively.

Dress Making

ITI jobs in Lunglei By Naukri Mitra, Dressmaking encompasses the art and skill of creating garments through sewing and pattern-making techniques. Dressmakers interpret fashion designs, select fabrics, and construct clothing items according to client specifications or industry standards. They use sewing machines, hand tools, and measurement instruments to cut, stitch, and finish garments with precision. Dressmaking skills include pattern drafting, fabric manipulation, and garment fitting to achieve desired styles and fit. Dressmakers work in fashion design studios, clothing manufacturing units, and bespoke tailoring shops, contributing to the apparel industry with their craftsmanship and creativity.

Secretarial Practice

ITI jobs in Lunglei By Naukri Mitra, Secretarial Practice involves managing administrative tasks and office communications to support organizational operations. Secretaries coordinate appointments, meetings, and travel arrangements for executives and staff members. They handle correspondence, draft documents, and maintain filing systems to ensure efficient information management. Secretaries use office software and communication tools to facilitate smooth workflow and communication within the organization. Their role requires organizational skills, attention to detail, and discretion in handling confidential information. Secretarial Practice professionals contribute to the efficiency and professionalism of business environments by managing administrative responsibilities effectively.

Hospital Housekeeping

ITI jobs in Lunglei By Naukri Mitra, Hospital Housekeeping staff play a crucial role in maintaining cleanliness and sanitation standards in healthcare facilities. They clean patient rooms, common areas, and surgical suites using appropriate cleaning agents and equipment. Hospital Housekeepers disinfect surfaces, empty trash, and replenish supplies to support infection control measures and patient safety. They follow strict protocols for waste disposal and hazardous material handling, ensuring compliance with health and safety regulations. Hospital Housekeeping staff work as part of multidisciplinary teams, contributing to the overall cleanliness and hygiene of healthcare environments to enhance patient care outcomes.

Catering and Hospitality Assistant

ITI jobs in Lunglei By Naukri Mitra, Catering and Hospitality Assistants provide essential support in food service and guest accommodation settings. They assist in preparing and serving meals, beverages, and snacks according to menu specifications and dietary requirements. Catering and Hospitality Assistants set up dining areas, arrange table settings, and ensure guests receive attentive service during events and functions. They maintain cleanliness in dining and service areas, replenish supplies, and assist in dishwashing and kitchen cleaning tasks. Catering and Hospitality Assistants contribute to positive guest experiences by delivering quality service and hospitality in hotels, restaurants, catering companies, and event venues.

Data Entry Operator

ITI jobs in Lunglei By Naukri Mitra, Data Entry Operators manage data input and processing tasks to maintain accurate and organized information systems. They enter alphanumeric data from various sources into databases, spreadsheets, or computerized systems with speed and accuracy. Data Entry Operators verify data for completeness and correctness, perform data cleanup and maintenance tasks, and generate reports as required. They use typing and 10-key skills to meet productivity and quality standards in data entry operations. Data Entry Operators work in industries such as finance, healthcare, retail, and government, supporting information management and operational efficiency with their data processing expertise.

Information Technology (IT) and Computer Trades

ITI jobs in Lunglei By Naukri Mitra, Information Technology (IT), and Computer Trades encompass roles focused on technology infrastructure, software applications, and system maintenance. Computer Operator and Programming Assistants (COPA) manage computer operations, perform routine maintenance, and assist in software programming tasks. Information Technology and Electronics System Maintenance professionals troubleshoot hardware and software issues, install and upgrade systems, and ensure IT infrastructure's reliability and security. These trades are essential in industries ranging from IT services

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