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Electrician Jobs in Jamalpur

ITI jobs in Jamalpur By Naukri Mitra offer numerous opportunities for Electricians. These roles involve installing, maintaining, and repairing electrical systems. Employers seek skilled Electricians capable of interpreting blueprints and adhering to safety protocols. Electricians in Jamalpur can find employment in residential, commercial, and industrial settings, ensuring electrical systems operate efficiently.

Fitter Vacancies in Jamalpur

Fitter vacancies at ITI Jamalpur attract individuals skilled in assembling and fitting components. Fitters in Jamalpur play crucial roles in the manufacturing and construction sectors, ensuring machinery and equipment function smoothly. Employers value Fitters who can read technical drawings and perform precision work to maintain operational efficiency.

Turner Job Openings at ITI Jamalpur

Turner job openings at ITI Jamalpur cater to individuals proficient in operating lathes and shaping metal components. Turners in Jamalpur contribute to manufacturing processes by producing precision parts for various industries. They play essential roles in maintaining production quality and meeting client specifications.

Machinist Positions Available

Machinist positions in Jamalpur are ideal for individuals skilled in operating machine tools to shape metal and other materials. Machinists at ITI Jamalpur are integral to manufacturing processes, ensuring parts meet precise measurements and specifications. Employers seek Machinists who can interpret engineering drawings and use computer-controlled machinery effectively.

Welder Jobs in Jamalpur

Welder jobs in Jamalpur By Naukri Mitra involve joining metal parts using welding equipment. Welders play critical roles in construction, manufacturing, and repair industries, employing various techniques like arc welding and oxy-fuel welding. Employers in Jamalpur value skilled Welders who prioritize safety and produce high-quality welds.

Motor Vehicle Mechanic Vacancies

Motor vehicle mechanic vacancies at ITI Jamalpur appeal to individuals adept at diagnosing and repairing vehicles. Mechanics in Jamalpur service cars, trucks, and other vehicles, ensuring optimal performance and safety. Employers seek Mechanics with strong troubleshooting skills and knowledge of vehicle systems.

Plumber Job Opportunities

Plumber job opportunities in Jamalpur include installing and repairing piping systems in residential, commercial, and industrial settings. Plumbers at ITI Jamalpur play crucial roles in maintaining water supply, sanitation, and heating systems. Employers value Plumbers who can work independently and adhere to plumbing codes and standards.

Tool and Die Maker Positions

Tool and Die Maker positions at ITI Jamalpur attract skilled artisans capable of designing and creating tools, molds, and dies. Tool and Die Makers in Jamalpur support manufacturing processes by producing precise components for various industries. Employers seek craftsmen with proficiency in CAD software and machining techniques.

Stenographer Jobs (English/Hindi) in Jamalpur

Stenographer jobs in Jamalpur By Naukri Mitra involve transcribing spoken words into written form quickly and accurately. Stenographers play crucial roles in legal, medical, and administrative settings, ensuring efficient documentation and communication. Employers in Jamalpur seek Stenographers proficient in both English and Hindi with excellent typing and shorthand skills.

Dress-Making Positions Available

Dress-making positions at ITI Jamalpur cater to individuals skilled in sewing and tailoring garments. Dressmakers in Jamalpur contribute to the fashion and apparel industries, creating custom clothing and alterations. Employers value Dress Makers who possess creativity, attention to detail, and knowledge of garment construction.

Secretarial Practice Jobs at ITI Jamalpur

Secretarial practice jobs in Jamalpur involve providing administrative support to organizations. Secretaries at ITI Jamalpur manage communications, schedule appointments, and maintain records. Employers seek Secretaries who are organized, proficient in office software, and capable of handling confidential information securely.

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