ITI Jobs in Chhindwara



Engineering Trades

ITI jobs in Tehri By Naukri Mitra cover a diverse range of engineering trades. Electricians are in high demand for their expertise in electrical systems and installations. Fitters play a crucial role in assembling and maintaining machinery. Turners specialize in operating lathes to shape metal components precisely. Machinists are skilled in operating machine tools to create precise metal parts. Welders are essential for joining metals using welding techniques. Mechanics specializing in motor vehicles diagnose and repair automotive issues. Plumbers are sought after for their skills in installing and repairing piping systems. Tool and Die Makers craft specialized tools and molds used in manufacturing processes.

Non-Engineering Trades

In non-engineering trades, ITI jobs in Tehri include diverse roles. Stenographers proficient in English or Hindi transcribe spoken words quickly and accurately. Dressmaking involves designing, cutting, and sewing garments according to specifications. Secretarial practice encompasses administrative tasks and office management. Hospital housekeeping staff maintain cleanliness and hygiene in healthcare settings. Catering and hospitality assistants support food service operations. Data entry operators input, update, and maintain data in computer systems accurately and efficiently.

Information Technology (IT) and Computer Trades

ITI jobs in Tehri By Naukri Mitra also offer opportunities in IT and computer trades. Computer operators and programming assistants manage computer operations and basic programming tasks. Information technology and electronics system maintenance professionals troubleshoot and repair IT and electronic systems to ensure smooth operations.

Automotive Trades

Automotive trades in Tehri include specialized roles. Diesel mechanics diagnose, repair, and maintain diesel engines in various vehicles and equipment. Tractor mechanics specialize in agricultural and construction machinery maintenance. Auto electrical and electronics mechanics handle electrical and electronic systems in vehicles, ensuring proper functioning and troubleshooting issues.

Construction Trades

ITI jobs in construction trades are vital for building infrastructure in Tehri. Carpenters work with wood to construct and repair structures and fixtures. Masons specialize in building construction, including laying bricks, stones, and concrete blocks. Painters apply paint, stain, and coatings to walls, buildings, and other structures, ensuring aesthetic appeal and protection.

Healthcare Trades

Healthcare ITI jobs in Tehri involve critical roles in healthcare settings. Health sanitary inspectors ensure compliance with sanitation and hygiene standards in public and private spaces. Physiotherapy technicians assist physiotherapists in providing treatments and exercises. Laboratory assistants support medical laboratories by preparing and analyzing samples and maintaining lab equipment.

Electronics and Electrical Trades

Electronics and electrical trades in Tehri encompass roles crucial for various industries. Electronics mechanics repair and maintain electronic equipment and systems. Instrument mechanics calibrate, repair, and maintain precision instruments used in various industries, ensuring accurate measurements and operations.

Agriculture Trades

Agricultural ITI jobs in Tehri focus on roles supporting agricultural production. Fruit and vegetable processors handle sorting, cleaning, and processing fruits and vegetables for distribution and consumption. Dairying involves managing dairy animals, milking, and processing milk and dairy products, ensuring quality and hygiene standards are met.

Fabrication Trades

Fabrication ITI jobs in Tehri include roles in metalworking and manufacturing. Sheet metal workers fabricate and install products using thin metal sheets, such as ducts and metal roofs. Foundrymen work in foundries, casting metal into molds to create metal parts and products used in various industries.

Food Production Trades

Food production ITI jobs in Tehri cover roles in culinary arts and food processing. Bakers and confectioners prepare baked goods and confections, including bread, cakes, pastries, and candies. Food production generalists work in food processing plants, handling production tasks such as sorting, packaging, and quality control.

Textile Trades

Textile ITI jobs in Tehri focus on roles in textile manufacturing and processing. Weavers operate looms to weave yarn or thread into fabric, following patterns and specifications. Textile wet processing technicians treat and finish textiles using processes such as dyeing, printing, and finishing to achieve desired colors, textures, and properties.

This comprehensive guide outlines the diverse ITI job opportunities available in Tehri through Naukri Mitra, spanning various trades and industries.

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