ITI Jobs in Behror



Electrical Engineering Opportunities: Electrician, Fitter, Turner, Machinist, Welder

Behror offers numerous ITI jobs in the electrical engineering sector through Naukri Mitra. Electricians are in high demand for installing, maintaining, and repairing electrical systems. Fitters are essential for assembling and fitting components. Turners specialize in operating lathes to shape metal. Machinists use various tools to create precision metal parts. Welders skillfully join metal components using welding techniques. These roles provide opportunities for hands-on work and technical skill development.

Non-Engineering Roles: Stenography, Dress Making, Secretarial Practice

Beyond engineering, Behror's ITI jobs encompass diverse non-engineering roles. Stenographers are proficient in shorthand and typing, supporting administrative tasks. Dressmaking involves designing and sewing garments, catering to fashion and textile industries. Secretarial practice focuses on administrative and clerical duties, aiding smooth office operations. These roles offer avenues for creativity and organizational skills.

IT and Computer Positions: Computer Operator, Information Technology Maintenance

In the realm of IT and computers, Behror's ITI jobs cater to various roles. Computer operators manage computer systems, ensuring smooth operations and data entry. Information technology maintenance professionals troubleshoot and maintain electronic systems, ensuring their functionality. These roles are vital in today's digital age, offering opportunities for those with technical aptitude.

Automotive Career Paths: Diesel Mechanic, Tractor Mechanic, Auto Electrical Technician

Behror's automotive ITI jobs cover a spectrum of roles essential for vehicle maintenance. Diesel mechanics specialize in repairing and maintaining diesel engines. Tractor mechanics focus on agricultural machinery maintenance, crucial for rural areas. Auto electrical technicians troubleshoot and repair electrical systems in vehicles. These roles are indispensable for ensuring the smooth functioning of vehicles across various sectors.

Construction Industry Vacancies: Carpenter, Building Mason, Painter

The construction industry in Behror offers ITI jobs in carpentry, masonry, and painting. Carpenters are skilled in woodwork, constructing and repairing structures. Building masons specialize in laying bricks, stones, and concrete blocks to build structures. Painters apply paint and coatings to surfaces, enhancing aesthetics and protection. These roles are foundational in shaping the physical infrastructure of Behror.

Healthcare Employment: Sanitary Inspector, Physiotherapy Technician, Lab Assistant

Behror's healthcare ITI jobs encompass roles vital for healthcare facilities. Sanitary inspectors ensure hygiene and sanitation standards are met. Physiotherapy technicians assist in rehabilitation exercises and therapies. Lab assistants support medical professionals in conducting tests and experiments. These roles contribute to the efficient functioning of healthcare services.

Electronics and Electrical Jobs: Electronics Mechanic, Instrument Mechanic

The electronics and electrical sector in Behror provides ITI jobs in electronics and instrument mechanics. Electronics mechanics repair and maintain electronic devices and systems. Instrument mechanics specialize in maintaining and calibrating various instruments used in industries. These roles are crucial for ensuring the smooth operation of electronic and instrumentation systems.

Agriculture Career Openings: Fruit Processor, Dairy Worker

In Behror's agricultural sector, ITI jobs encompass roles such as fruit processing and dairy work. Fruit processors handle sorting, cleaning, and processing fruits for various products. Dairy workers are involved in milking, feeding, and caring for dairy animals, as well as processing dairy products. These roles contribute to the agricultural economy of Behror.

Fabrication Roles: Sheet Metal Worker, Foundryman

Fabrication ITI jobs in Behror include roles like sheet metal work and foundry work. Sheet metal workers fabricate and install metal structures and components. Foundrymen operate furnaces to melt and cast metal into various shapes. These roles are essential in manufacturing and construction industries, contributing to infrastructure development.

Food Production Opportunities: Baker, Confectioner, Food Production Staff

Behror's food production ITI jobs offer opportunities in baking, confectionery, and food processing. Bakers prepare bread, pastries, and other baked goods. Confectioners create candies, chocolates, and other sweet treats. Food production staff assist in processing and packaging food products. These roles cater to the culinary industry, providing delicious products to consumers.

Textile Industry Positions: Weaver, Textile Technician, Wet Processing Technician

In Behror's textile industry, ITI jobs encompass roles like weaving, textile technology, and wet processing. Weavers operate looms to create fabric from yarn or thread. Textile technicians assist in quality control and production processes. Wet processing technicians handle dyeing and finishing processes for textiles. These roles are integral to the textile manufacturing sector, providing a wide range of fabrics and textiles.

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