ITI Jobs in Batala



Engineering Trades Job Openings

ITI jobs in Batala By Naukri Mitra, find a range of engineering trade opportunities in Batala. Positions include Electrician, Fitter, Turner, Machinist, Welder, Mechanic (Motor Vehicle), Plumber, and Tool and Die Maker roles. These positions require technical skills and hands-on experience in their respective fields. Candidates can expect diverse work environments, from manufacturing to construction sites, offering opportunities for skill development and career growth in the industrial sector.

Non-Engineering Trades Job Openings

Discover non-engineering ITI jobs in Batala By Naukri Mitra, covering trades like Stenography (English/Hindi), Dress Making, Secretarial Practice, Hospital Housekeeping, Catering and Hospitality Assistant, and Data Entry Operator roles. These positions cater to various service and administrative sectors, providing essential support functions. Ideal for those with specialized vocational training, these roles offer stable employment and opportunities to apply technical skills in practical settings.

IT and Computer Trades Job Openings

Explore IT and computer-related ITI jobs in Batala By Naukri Mitra, including roles like Computer Operator and Programming Assistant (COPA), and Information Technology and Electronics System Maintenance positions. These roles are crucial in today's digital economy, offering opportunities to work with advanced technology and systems. Ideal for tech enthusiasts and IT professionals, these jobs provide avenues for career advancement and specialization in areas like software development, system maintenance, and IT support.

Automotive Trades Job Openings

ITI jobs in Batala By Naukri Mitra include automotive trades such as Mechanic (Diesel), Mechanic (Tractor), and Mechanic (Auto Electrical and Electronics). These roles are essential for the maintenance and repair of vehicles and equipment. Candidates with a passion for automobiles and technical proficiency in engine diagnostics, repair, and maintenance will find rewarding opportunities in this field.

Construction Trades Job Openings

In the realm of construction, ITI jobs in Batala By Naukri Mitra encompass trades like Carpenter, Mason (Building Constructor), and Painter (General). These roles play a crucial role in the construction industry, contributing to infrastructure projects and building developments. Candidates with skills in carpentry, masonry, and painting can expect steady employment and opportunities to work on diverse projects, contributing to the region's infrastructure growth.

Healthcare Trades Job Openings

For those interested in healthcare support roles, ITI jobs in Batala By Naukri Mitra offer positions such as Health Sanitary Inspector, Physiotherapy Technician, and Laboratory Assistant. These roles are integral to healthcare facilities, ensuring cleanliness, patient care support, and laboratory operations. Candidates with a background in healthcare services and vocational training in these specialized areas can contribute effectively to the healthcare sector.

Electronics and Electrical Trades Job Openings

Explore electronics and electrical ITI jobs in Batala By Naukri Mitra, including roles like Electronics Mechanic and Instrument Mechanic. These positions involve the installation, maintenance, and repair of electronic and electrical systems. Ideal for candidates with technical expertise in circuitry, wiring, and equipment troubleshooting, these roles offer opportunities in the manufacturing, maintenance, and service sectors.

Agriculture Trades Job Openings

In agriculture, ITI jobs in Batala By Naukri Mitra include trades such as Fruit and Vegetable processors and Dairying. These roles focus on food processing and dairy operations, essential for agricultural production and food supply chains. Candidates with skills in food processing techniques, dairy farming practices, and agricultural machinery operations can find fulfilling careers in these sectors.

Fabrication Trades Job Openings

For those skilled in metalwork, ITI jobs in Batala By Naukri Mitra encompass trades like Sheet Metal Worker and Foundryman. These roles involve shaping and assembling metal parts for various industrial applications. Candidates with expertise in welding, metal fabrication, and industrial machinery operation can pursue opportunities in the manufacturing, construction, and engineering sectors.

Food Production Trades Job Openings

ITI jobs in Batala By Naukri Mitra also include food production trades such as Baker and Confectioner, and Food Production (General). These roles are crucial for the food industry, focusing on baking, confectionery, and general food processing operations. Candidates with skills in baking techniques, food safety standards, and production line operations can excel in these roles, contributing to food manufacturing and distribution.

Textile Trades Job Openings

In the textile sector, ITI jobs in Batala By Naukri Mitra cover trades like Weaving and Textile Wet Processing Technician. These roles are essential for textile manufacturing processes, including fabric weaving and dyeing operations. Candidates with expertise in textile machinery operation, fabric quality control, and dyeing techniques can pursue opportunities in textile mills and manufacturing units.

This structured content provides insights into various ITI job openings in Batala across different vocational trades, highlighting opportunities and roles within each sector.

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