ITI Jobs in Alipore



Engineering Trades

ITI jobs in Alipore By Naukri Mitra, There are several opportunities available in the Engineering trades in Alipore. If you're looking for Electrician Job Openings in Alipore, you'll find a range of positions across various industries, from construction to manufacturing. Similarly, Fitter Positions Available in Alipore offer roles in assembly and maintenance across different sectors. Turner Job Vacancies in Alipore cater to those skilled in operating lathes and shaping metal components. Machinist Opportunities in Alipore are abundant, with roles in precision machining and toolmaking. Welder Positions in Alipore are crucial in fabrication and construction projects, providing essential welding services. Mechanic (Motor Vehicle) Jobs in Alipore are ideal for those specializing in automotive repair and maintenance. Plumber Job Openings in Alipore are also available, focusing on installation and maintenance of plumbing systems. Tool and Die Maker Careers in Alipore attract skilled artisans adept at creating specialized tools and dies.

Non-Engineering Trades

Stenographer (English/Hindi) Jobs in Alipore are sought after for their administrative support roles, requiring proficiency in shorthand and transcription. Dress Maker Positions Available in Alipore appeal to those skilled in garment construction and tailoring. Secretarial Practice Openings in Alipore involve clerical duties and office management tasks. Hospital Housekeeping Jobs in Alipore provide essential cleaning and sanitation services in healthcare settings. Catering and Hospitality Assistant Vacancies in Alipore offer opportunities in food service and event management. Data Entry Operator Jobs in Alipore require proficiency in data management and information processing systems.

Information Technology (IT) and Computer Trades

Computer Operator and Programming Assistant (COPA) Jobs in Alipore involve computer operations and basic programming tasks. Information Technology and Electronics System Maintenance Careers in Alipore focus on maintaining IT and electronic systems, ensuring smooth operations.

Automotive Trades

Diesel Mechanic Jobs in Alipore are essential for maintaining and repairing diesel engines in various vehicles and equipment. Tractor Mechanic Positions Available in Alipore cater to those specializing in agricultural and construction machinery. Auto Electrical and Electronics Mechanic Openings in Alipore require expertise in electrical systems of automobiles and electronic diagnostics.

Construction Trades

Carpenter Jobs in Alipore involve woodworking and construction of structures using wood and other materials. Mason (Building Constructor) Positions Available in Alipore focus on building and maintaining structures using bricks, concrete, and other materials. Painter (General) Job Openings in Alipore are available for skilled painters in residential, commercial, and industrial settings.

Healthcare Trades

Health Sanitary Inspector Jobs in Alipore involve inspection and enforcement of public health regulations, ensuring sanitation standards are met. Physiotherapy Technician Positions Available in Alipore assist in providing treatments and exercises under the supervision of physiotherapists. Laboratory Assistant Openings in Alipore involve assisting scientists and researchers in conducting experiments and maintaining lab equipment.

Electronics and Electrical Trades

Electronics Mechanic Jobs in Alipore focus on repairing and maintaining electronic equipment and systems. Instrument Mechanic Positions Available in Alipore involve calibrating and repairing various instruments used in industrial processes and scientific research.

Agriculture Trades

Fruit and Vegetable Processor Jobs in Alipore involve processing and packaging fruits and vegetables for distribution and sale. Dairying Careers in Alipore focuses on dairy farming and milk production, including handling and processing dairy products.

Fabrication Trades

Sheet Metal Worker Jobs in Alipore involve shaping and fabricating metal sheets into various products and components. Foundryman Positions Available in Alipore work in foundries, casting molten metal into molds to create metal parts and components.

Food Production Trades

Baker and Confectioner Jobs in Alipore involve baking bread, pastries, and confectionery items for retail and wholesale distribution. Food Production (General) Openings in Alipore cover a wide range of roles in food processing and manufacturing.

Textile Trades

Weaving Jobs in Alipore involve operating looms to weave fabrics from various fibers and materials. Textile Wet Processing Technician Positions Available in Alipore focus on treating and finishing textiles using wet processes such as dyeing and printing.

This comprehensive overview highlights the diverse opportunities in ITI jobs across different trades in Alipore, catering to a wide range of skills and interests.

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