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Maid Service in Mumbai, Hire Cook, Babysitter, Nanny & domestic Helper Also available – Book Maid


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Mumbai is the financial capital of India, it is also known as Mayanagari. Due to being the number 1 city of India, inflation is also there, most of the rich families of the country and middle class and poor people also reside here. The country’s biggest building is here and the country’s biggest slum is also here.


Domestic helper demand in Mumbai

This city has the highest demand for Domestic Helper, Cook, Maid, Babysitter, Nanny, Japa Med, Care Taker, Home Nurse, Driver, and other work for Part-time/Full-time and 24 hours working candidates There is a demand of most of the rich families in this city without maids because all the adults in the cities do jobs or business, then they keep maids for household chores and babysitters or nanny to take care of children.

In most of the houses, there is only one candidate for babysitting and domestic work, which means that the same woman does the job of babysitting and maid, this benefits both the employer and the jobseeker because the employer has to do two different jobs. Hire the candidate causes more damage and the job seeker gets a slightly higher salary by doing two jobs


Placement Agency in Mumbai

More than 150 placement agencies are working in Mumbai, apart from this, the placement services of other cities also provide candidates here.


Best Maid Service in Mumbai

Job is providing service in Mumbai since 2015. This is India’s Leading MaidAgency. Here Employers can HIRE as per their requirement Part-time / Full-time and 24 hours working candidates. Apart from this, candidates can also apply for their jobs here. Naukri Mitra Provides Maid Jobs, Cook Jobs, Babysitter Jobs, Nanny Jobs, Hotel Cook Jobs, Home Nurse Jobs, Caretaker Jobs in Mumbai and all cities of India.


Charges of Domestic Helper in Mumbai

Charges of Part-time Maid or Domestic Helper in metros range from Rs.6000 to Rs.12000 monthly and for Full-time ranges from Rs.12000 to 20000, in addition to this the agency has to pay the service fee, Service charges of the different agency are different.

Naukri Mitra charges a service fee equal to 1 month’s salary of the candidate and provides 6 months of service, in 6 months whenever you have some problem with the candidate, it provides replacement instead.


Verification of  candidates

Naukri Mitra gets all the candidates verified, if any criminal details of any candidate are found then it does not offer the job to such candidate, provides the verification report to the employer, apart from this the candidate’s Aadhar Card, Voter Id The card also provides the address and contact details of their relatives for tracking and you don’t need to pay any extra fee for this.


Candidate Hiring Process

The process of hiring candidates is very easy, the employer has to register on the website and get the amount of 1000/- as registration fee after registration Naukri Mitra sends SMS to all the numbers present in the database of the candidates. There is a job vacancy in this location, then those who are ready candidates are introduced to the employer, the time of the whole process is 7-10 working days

Trial – Naukri Mitra provides a trial of two days to all the employers, in these two days you have to test the candidate’s work if the candidate does a proper job, then you can hire them or you will be again provided with another candidate’s trial Domestic helper Jobs in Mumbai

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