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Maid Service in Deoghar


Babysitter-job-in-agar-malwaBabysitter-job-in-agar-malwaBabysitter-job-in-agar-malwa   Babysitter-job-in-agar-malwa  Jobs In Naukri Mitra

Namejob categorylocationJob TypesGendercontact Number
Rajiv Ranjan RaoHotel ChefDeogharPart-time/Full-time/ 24 hoursmale8228989610
Rajeev JhaHome NurseDeogharPart-time/Full-time/ 24 hoursmale7324077784
Sapan kumarCookDeogharPart-time/Full-time/ 24 hoursmale6203115742
Sona MuineHome NurseDeogharPart-time/Full-time/ 24 hoursfemale7004627279
Madan TuriCookDeogharPart-time/Full-time/ 24 hoursmale7631600235
Azhar UddinHotel ChefDeogharPart-time/Full-time/ 24 hoursmale9661698702
Santosh kumar SinghCookDeogharPart-time/Full-time/ 24 hoursmale7256835911
 Kumar DubeyCookDeogharPart-time/Full-time/ 24 hoursmale9570018067
Harsh Singh RajputCookDeogharPart-time/Full-time/ 24 hoursmale7321805879

About Candidates

  1. Rajiv Ranjan Rao is a Famous chef in Deoghar, He knows to make all types of food like Indian, South Indian, Chinese. He Looking for Cooking Jobs in a hotel In the Deoghar location, his Expected Salary is 15k to 20k, He has a bike for Traveling.
  2. Rajeev Jha is a Home Nurse Or Caretaker, he is an experience Home Nurse and handled all types of patient or Elderly care, he can do every related patient like changing diapers, massaging patients, giving medicine on time and testing Sugar, BP, etc. he has scooty for traveling. His Salary expectation is 12k to 15k per month.
  3. Sapan kumar is Home Cook, He knows Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian Cooking.
  4. Sona Muine is Female Home Nurse and she is looking home nurse Job in Deoghar.
  5. Madan Turi si Home Cook He knows all types of Indian Cooking.
  6. Azahar Uddin is Hotel Chef and he knows All types of Cooking Like Indian, South Indian, Chinese, etc.
  7. Santosh Kumar Singh is Home Cook In Deoghar and Looking for Home Cook Jobs In Deoghar.
  8. Kumar Dubey Is House Cook, he lives In Deoghar, Jharkhand, and Looking for Cooking Jobs near me.
  9. Harsh Singh Rajpoot Is Home Cook and Looking Cooking, Home help job in Deoghar.