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Name – Gopa Debnath
Gender – Male
Experience –  5 years
Job Category – Home Nurse
Job Type – Full-time
Location – Agartala, Tripura
Expected Salary – 12000/- to 16000/-
Mobile – 069095 27265
About Candidate – Gopa Debnath is a hardworking, honest Male maid in Agartala, Tripura, India, he Can Do All Work in Domestic help He looking A Home Nurse job near me or Home Nurs Service provider Near me For job, He Knows Hindi, English, And other Language, He Also Knows Housekeeper Work, He has Home Nurse uniform and This Home nurse Salary Expectation is Low Around 12000/- to 15000/- per Month. This Cook Salary is 15000/- to 20000/- Rupees per month.
Name – Rj Rajan
Job Category – Hotel Cook, Chef
Job Type – Full-time/ 24 hours
Location – Agartala
Expected Salary –  8000/- to 12000/-
Mobile – 087875 67238
About Candidate – Rj Rajan is Chef or Hotel Cook, he knows All types of Cooking like Indian, South Indian, Chinese and some Indian,  snake Also, He Is Looking Chef job near me or Chef Service Or Hotel cook jobs In Agartala, Tripura, India. he has 5 years experience in the Cooking job.
Name – Tanusree Deb Biswas
Gender – Female
Experience – 2 years
Job Category – Cook, Babysitter
Job Type – Part-time
Location – Agartala
Expected Salary – 5000/- to 8000/-
Mobile – 070856 05897
About Candidate – Tanushree Dev Biswas A Female Domestic helper and she is looking Domestic helper job like Babysitter Job near me in Agartala she will do part time Babysitter Work or part time maid work or part time cook work, she has 2 years experience in cooking Job and Babysitting job, This babysitter or maid Salary expectation ios 5000/- to 8000/- rupees per month. she has a maid uniform & Babysitter inform and Cook uniform Also. please Feel free and contact them this is a free maid service.
Name – Md Sohel Rana
Gender – Male
Experience –  2 years
Job Category – Nursing staff
Job Type – 24 Hours
Location – Agartala, Tripura
Expected Salary – 15000/- to 18000/-
Mobile – 095138 61500
About Candidate – Md Shoel Rana is Muslim Home Nurse and Caretaker and he is looking for a home nurse job Nearest location, He has 2 years of experience in Home Nurse Job and Caretaker Job, He knows all the Home nurse work and Caretaker work, He Wel know Elderly care so He makes Career in-home nurse Field, This Caretaker Salary is Very low around 10000/- to 15000/- Rupees per Month. Any Home care service provider or Employer Contact him For an interview. he is ready for a home care service agreement.


Name – Santanu Sarkar
Gender – Male
Experience –
Job Category – Hotel Chef
Job Type – Full-time
Location – Agartala, Tripura
Expected Salary – 15000/- to 25000/-
Mobile – 087878 89143
About Candidate – Santanu Sarkar is Hotel Chef and He is Looking for Hotel Jobs, Cook Job in Hotel and Chef Job Near me, This chef salary will be 15000/- to 25000/- rupees per month depending wok time.


Name – Baishali Paul
Gender – Female
Experience – 2 years
Job Category – Maid, Babysitter, Cook, Caretaker
Job Type – Part-time
Location – Agartala, Tripura
Expected Salary – 6000/- to 9000/-
Mobile – 084130 59800
About Candidate – Baishali paul is a female maid or Diomesic helper, Female cook, Caretaker For home. She is Looking part time jobs, she will do all domestic work.


Name – Ks Koushik
Gender – Male
Experience – Fresher
Job Category – Home Nurse
Job Type – part-time
Location – Agartala, Tripura
Expected Salary – 6000/- to 9000/-
Mobile – 088373 52641
About Candidate – Ks Koushik is Male Caretaker or home nurse, he is fresher and looking for Fresher jobs, He will do all things related to home nurse jobs and caretaker jobs.


Name – Sanjit Reang
Gender – Male
Experience –
Job Category – Cook
Job Type – Full-time
Location – Agartala, Tripura
Expected Salary – 12000/- to 15000/-
Mobile – 098661 64568
About Candidate – Sanjit Reang is a home Cook And He is looking home Cook job near me in Agartala.



 Begin your BabyBabysitter expected set of responsibilities with a succinct section or rundown of bulleted things intended to sell your working environment, for this situation your home and family, to candidates. Indicate the number of kids the Babysitter will be really focusing on and their ages-dealing with an infant is in no way like transporting a teen too and from school. Incorporate hours and assumptions.
Portray the Children’s advantages and needs. Speak the truth about unique necessities, wellbeing concerns, and social issues. Depict your family’s way of life and values. Might it be said that you are a tomfoolery, calm family, or would you say you are profoundly organized and complicatedly booked? Consider utilizing the work liabilities recorded in this Babysitter expected set of responsibilities model that best matches your necessities:
Babysitter Job Responsibilities:
Gives care to Children inside and outside the home.
Gets ready good dinners.
Keeps up with an everyday plan.
Performs light housework.
Drives kids for no particular reason exercises.
Keeps Children’s living and play regions clean.
Assists with schoolwork and coaching on a case-by-case basis.
Really focuses on babies, including taking care of, diapering, and dressing.
Meets the physical, social, and feelings of kids in their consideration.
Gives structure and imparts predictable social assumptions.
Empowers solid propensities and cleanliness, and assists with latrine preparation.
[Work Hours and Benefits] In this part you’ll need to offer the situation to likely Babysitters likewise as your first section promoted your home and family to applicants. To guarantee that the compensation range you notice is in accordance with comparable pay rates in your district, you can utilize a compensation instrument that permits you to enter work title and area. What’s more, notice any advantages, like paid occasions or rewards, as well as any extraordinary prerequisite, for example, regardless of whether you are looking for a Babysitter who can go with you on get-aways.
Babysitter Qualities/Skills:
Great audience.
Fun and locking in.
Mindful, humane, and patient.
Gifted at creating and driving Children for no particular reason learning exercises.
Capacity to assist with schoolwork.
Second language an or more.
Instruction, Experience, and Licensing Requirements:
Experience as a Babysitter, Babysitter, instructor, or camp guide.
Driver’s permit and clean driving record.
Affirmation in medical aid and youngster and baby CPR.
Experience with unique requirements Children, Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI) affirmation an or more.
Secondary school certificate or GED, partner’s certificate in youngster advancement an or more.
State accreditation in youth instruction an or more.
[Call to Action] Your expected set of responsibilities should end on a positive note with a source of inspiration that urges candidates to send you a resume alongside somewhere around three reference letters that incorporate contact data.
Post Your Babysitter Job Description for Free to Find the Perfect Fit for Your Family
Ensure your recently created set of working responsibilities is seen by an adoring and reliable guardian who will give precisely the consideration you need your Children to have. Begin the interaction today with a free work posting from Naukri Mitra
  • Domestic helper  And Maid Duties

    Common domestic duties include the following tasks:
    • Preparing meals
    • Washing dishes
    • Shopping for groceries and supplies
    • Vacuuming/mopping / sweeping the floor
    • Dusting and wiping shelves and other furniture
    • Cleaning the toilet / rooms / windows
    • Doing the laundry and ironing
    • Making beds
    • Watering plants
    • Washing car
    • Babysitting
    • Elderly-caring

Giving body massages to your employer is normally not counted as a domestic duty. Hence, you are not obliged to provide such services. Yet, your employer may require you to give massages if they need you to take care of an elderly or a physically impaired family member. It is important for you to discuss these terms before signing the employment contract.


Cook work title

A viable work title will ordinarily incorporate an overall term, the degree of involvement, and any exceptional necessities. The overall term will enhance your work title to appear in an overall quest for occupations of a similar sort. The degree of involvement will assist you withdrawing in from the top candidates by laying out how much obligation and earlier information is required. Furthermore assuming your position is specific, consider remembering the specialization for the gig title too. However, try not to utilize inward titles, contractions, or abbreviations to ensure individuals get what your work posting is prior to clicking.

Head Cook
Clinic Cook
Cook (Part-Time)
Prep Cook

Cook work outline

A steady employment portrayal begins with an eye-catching rundown of the position and its job inside your organization. Your rundown ought to give an outline of your organization and assumptions for the position. Layout the kinds of exercises and obligations expected for the gig so work searchers can decide whether they are qualified, or on the other hand in the event that the occupation is appropriate for them.

Illustration of a Cook work synopsis
We highly esteem the culinary manifestations served from our kitchen and are searching for an accomplished and enthusiastic Cook to assist with supporting our group. The ideal contender for this position has past experience planning Thai cooking, appreciates working in a bustling eatery climate, and is equipped for taking bearing great and performing multiple tasks successfully. Assuming you have café industry experience and energy for food prep and solid client care, kindly present an application to us today.

Cook liabilities and obligations
The obligations and obligations segment is the main piece of the set of working responsibilities. Here you should layout the capacities this position will perform consistently, how the work capacities inside the association and the title of the director the individual will answer to.

Measure and collect elements for menu things
Team up with the Executive Chef and Cooks to plan dinners during our eating hours
Keep up with exact food inventories
Appropriately store food things at suitable temperatures
Turn stock things according to laid out methodology
Restock kitchen for ensuing movements
Guarantee that the food prep region and kitchen are cleaned and disinfected toward the finish of your shift
Cook capabilities and abilities


Then, lay out the required and favored abilities for your position. This might incorporate schooling, past professional training, accreditations, and specialized abilities. You may likewise incorporate delicate abilities and character characteristics that you anticipate from a fruitful applicant. While it very well might be enticing to incorporate an extensive rundown of abilities and necessities, including too many could deter qualified up-and-comers from applying. Keep your rundown of capabilities succinct, yet furnish sufficient detail with applicable catchphrases and terms.

Confirmation required
2+ years’ insight as a Cook in the café business
Ready to peruse and follow normalized plans
Solid information on legitimate food dealing with techniques
Ready to function as a feature of a group in a bustling kitchen air
ServeSafe Certification liked

Home Nurse Service
The medical attendants are knowledgeable about giving a total scope of nursing care specializations, which incorporates:
Giving medications on schedule.
Taking care of and restroom help.
Mindful and dressing wounds.
Fixing an eating routine arrangement.
the medical attendant in India is expected in many pieces of India where the patients are for the most part male, and they are modest to be treated by a female attendant. The positions like putting the catheter inside the male private parts, helping in utilizing the chamber pot, or in any event, controlling the EKG are private matters and numerous patient operations for explicit sex with regards to touching by an attendant.
A male attendant is picked by many individuals who need actual assistance with loving giving help to a patient whom I incapable to go to the restroom without anyone else. A male can foster a brilliant vocation as a male medical caretaker. Nursing is an undeniably challenging position since it challenges an individual to work with the greatest possible level of ingenuity, assurance, and difficult work.
An attendant needs to serve a patient with every one of the necessities like drug, physical and passionate assistance, touching, and a lot more and must be with the patient on the schedule of need. The primary rationale of the male attendant is to give solace and help in the rapid recuperation of the patient.
A male medical caretaker needs to work constantly for the patient and needs to collaborate with the patient however much as could reasonably be expected. Male medical attendants bring in a seriously decent amount of cash helping the patients and aiding them on the schedule of need. That is another motivation behind why a man should pick male nursing administration. An attendant should be prepared to the point of confronting crises, be agreeable with the patients and other planning individuals, should have a will for acquiring information, filling in collectively, and so on.
Nanny Job Description
Being a live-out babysitter is profoundly fulfilling and a well-known vocation decision. For some, it tends to be an unmatched early advance in a thrilling vocation in childcare, yet additionally, many profoundly experienced childcare experts love being live-out babysitters because of the many benefits the job brings to the table.
To turn into a live-out caretaker, here are our solutions to questions we are frequently gotten some information about this shifted job:
Nanny Duties, Responsibilities, and Skills
How does the Coronavirus (COVID-19) influence your childcare work?
It’s vital that the public authority’s crisis regulation and direction is followed to guarantee everybody’s security. You ought to have the option to hole up preceding beginning your new position whenever required.
What are the obligations and obligations of a live-out caretaker?
The obligations of a live-out babysitter incorporate anything connected with the youngsters and will generally rely upon the number of kids you care for, their ages, and the everyday practice of the family. Obligations could incorporate
changing and dressing kids
doing the kids’ clothing and changing their bedding
arranging and preparing quality dinners for the youngsters
tidying up after the youngsters and their companions and arranging garments/toys
shopping connecting with the youngsters
arranging instructive exercises
assisting with schoolwork
school runs
organizing exercises inside and outside the home and taking the kids to and from these
and so forth
What abilities should a live-out caretaker have?
Notwithstanding childcare experience, you ought to have what it takes to complete every one of the obligations related to your job as referenced above -, for example, getting sustenance, feast arranging and cooking, and experience of doing family obligations.
Great live-out babysitters are prompt, solid, and coordinated. Showing restraint, being mindful and thoughtful is an absolute necessity – as is having great critical thinking abilities, being adaptable, and ready to think and react quickly. An incredible creative mind and the capacity to have a good time are fundamental as well!
A ton of Greycoat Lumley’s babysitters bring different abilities, like instructing or kid brain research capabilities with them, however, these are not fundamental assuming you have the right insight, demeanor and are an ideal choice for a family.
Does Nanny require capabilities?
As referenced above, a portion of our babysitters have formal capabilities or many years’ experience however these things are not fundamental. Having strong childcare experience, the right demeanor, and extraordinary references can be enough on the grounds that frequently the accomplishment of an arrangement relies more upon the character of the caretaker and how they ‘click’ with the youngsters and family. As a base, you will require a decent degree of demonstrated childcare experience, alongside a pediatric emergency treatment authentication and a substantial DBS endorsement.
Does Nanny do housework?
Live-out Nanny does anything connecting with the youngsters. Furthermore, you ought to be ready to assist with things, for example, getting things done, family shopping and so forth You ought to continuously show adaptability and assist with trips were important in the home.
What number of families would a babysitter be able to work for?
As numerous as you need and your time takes into account.
Would a caretaker be able to work from her own home?
Live-Out Nanny Career
Is being a babysitter a profession?
Most certainly. Certain individuals function as caretakers for, numerous years and become notable in the business.
How might I turn into a certified caretaker?
You mustn’t really have capabilities to turn into a live-out caretaker, simply strong childcare experience. In any case, it very well may be useful to have any of the accompanying capabilities:


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