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Are you looking for Japa Maids In Kolkata? If yes, then you are at the right place As we all know the initial phase post-delivery is so tough and laborious for both mothers and babies but thankfully we have Japa maid service at our convenience to help out during tough times post-delivery? A Japa maid is someone who takes care of babies and mothers as well, they take care of each and everything that needs attention after just a baby is born.


If you are living in a joint family then there must be many people around to take care of both mother and baby but if you are living in a nuclear family then it becomes very difficult as you have no one to take care of yourself and your newborn too, but now you don’t have to worry that because thankfully we have the services of Japa maids available.

If you are wondering what all services do a Japa maid below is the list of services that a Japa maid in Kolkata provides.


  1. Giving massage to babies
  2. Showering babies
  3. Washing clothes of babies
  4. Making baby asleep
  5. Changing diapers of babies
  6. Cleaning private parts of babies
  7. Massaging the mothers
  8. Assisting mothers in baby feeding 
  9. Making food for baby


Hiring a japa maid will make your work a lot simpler and easier as you will then have a lot of time to focus on other things and other tasks as well.


Once you have made up your mind that you need to hire a japa maid in Kolkata, the next challenge that arises is to search for a japa maid agency in Kolkata, at Naukri Mitra you will find the best japa maid services, the japa maids at Naukri Mitra are very well trained and experienced, apart from that if you are worried about the safety and security, then you don’t have to worry as we perform the background check of all the workers who get themselves registered at Naukri Mitra so that you don’t worry about the safety factors.


The best part about hiring a japa maid in Kolkata from Naukri Mitra is that before hiring you can directly speak and meet the maid so that you state them your terms and conditions in advance to avoid further misunderstandings.


It’s always better to hire a well-trained japa maid from a trusted agency to get premium and exclusive services as the job of a japa maid is highly responsible and needs a lot of expertise, they know each and everything about newborns likes how to take care of them, feed them, massage them. If you are expecting to your baby is just born then you definitely need japa maids in Kolkata so that you do not face any difficulty while taking care of your child and yourself too.

What Things Should You Consider Before Hiring A Japa Maids In Kolkata

Here are few things that you must consider before hiring a japa maid in Kolkata.

1. Experience of a Japa Maid 

The very first and foremost point that you must consider before hiring a japa maid is to check the experience of a japa maid as taking care of both a baby and mother post-delivery required a lot of skills and experience.

2. Clear Expectations

Before hiring a japa maid, make sure you set clear expectations from maid like what all services she is going to provide so that there is no gap in communication and expectations after a japa maid has started her job.

3. Trustworthiness

Trust is the most important factor while hiring any type of house help, always go for an agency that performs complete background checks of all the workers so that you don’t have to worry about the safety and security of anyone.


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