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Naukri Mitra provides the best japa maids in Gurgaon

The art of taking care of a newborn baby requires skill and time. The initial few months post-delivery are crucial and laborious for any mother. The intensive required during the postnatal period is important as this period determines the health and immunity of the baby. The tedious task of taking care of a baby for every minute is tough for any woman to handle alone. But, what if you have someone who is experienced in taking care of newborns and helps you out in every single task?

A Japa service is about hiring a maid who looks after the baby as well as the mother when the baby is just born. The duration may extend up to 45 days or so after the birth of the baby. Japa maid jobs have been a sigh of relief for the new mothers. Since the time after the birth of the baby is considered to be vulnerable for both mother and her child, it is necessary to have someone who is there to take care of them in a proper manner. These days it is tough to find a Japa maid in Gurgaon who is trustworthy and experienced enough. Naukri Mitra has the finest Japa maids in Gurgaon.


Naukri Mitra has a curated list of Japa maids in Gurgaon who are well known for their work. We have maids who have immense experience in services like showering the baby, baby massages, changing the diaper of the baby, washing the baby’s clothes, putting the baby to sleep, assisting in feeding the baby, keeping the baby safe from hazards, massaging the mothers and cleaning the baby’s area. We are a renowned Japa maid agency in Gurgaon. Our services are budget-friendly and quality assured.


We are witnessing an era where women walk neck to neck with men. Apart from handling household chores, women also have to give their efforts into their jobs. In such a busy schedule, they can’t meet different women who do Japa maid jobs and choose the best. This hectic process demands time and energy. Naukri Mitra helps you to save your precious time by providing you with a list that has Japa maid costs in Gurgaon within your budget along with the fulfilment of your prerequisites.


Things to look at before hiring japa maids in Gurgaon


If you are considering hiring a Japa maid, try to cross certain points from this checklist. Because trusting someone to look after your baby while you or your husband is not around is tough.


  1. Terms & Conditions – Japa maids have set their terms & conditions. Rarely they would agree to help you out with other chores like cleaning.
  2. CCTV Surveillance – As parents, it is hard to trust someone who is a stranger. Installing CCTV cameras for surveillance that give you 24×7 coverage of your home would help you to build trust.
  3. Reviews Always consider the reviews provided by other people for the maid you are hiring. This would help you to choose the genuine option.
  4. Trustworthiness- It is well known that a lot of maids have been involved in theft cases. Try installing safety and security measures at your home.

Final Words

Japa maid jobs have made it more convenient for working parents to focus on their jobs too. They are not regular workers but specialized in taking care of newborns. Naukri Mitra is a trustworthy Japa maid agency, which has different options to choose from as per your needs. We would try our best to get you the warmest Japa maid for you and your baby.

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