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Part-Time Maid Job  for Cooking in Jalvihar Colony, Raipur

Are you a skilled and reliable cook seeking a part-time opportunity in Jalvihar Colony, Raipur? We are currently looking for a dedicated and experienced maid to assist with cooking two meals a day. If you have a passion for creating delicious and nutritious meals, attention to detail, and the ability to work independently, we invite you to consider joining our household.

Job Title: Part-Time Maid (Cooking)

Location: Jalvihar Colony, Raipur

Job Type: Part-Time


  1. Meal Planning:
    • Plan and prepare two meals a day, considering dietary preferences and restrictions.
    • Create a varied and balanced menu for a week, ensuring nutritional value.
  2. Cooking:
    • Execute cooking tasks with precision, following recipes and instructions.
    • Ensure the timely preparation and serving of meals.
  3. Food Quality:
    • Maintain high standards of food quality, taste, and presentation.
    • Pay attention to details to enhance the dining experience.
  4. Kitchen Management:
    • Keep the kitchen clean, organized, and well-maintained.
    • Manage inventory and ensure all necessary ingredients are stocked.
  5. Communication:
    • Communicate effectively regarding meal preferences, changes, or special requests.
    • Report any issues or concerns related to kitchen equipment or supplies.
  6. Time Management:
    • Efficiently manage time to complete cooking tasks within the agreed-upon schedule.
    • Coordinate meal timings with household members.
  7. Flexibility:
    • Be adaptable to changes in the menu or cooking requirements.
    • Accommodate occasional special requests or dietary changes.
  8. Qualifications:
    • Previous experience as a cook, preferably in a household setting.
    • Knowledge of various cuisines and cooking techniques.
    • Ability to follow recipes and adapt to specific dietary needs.
    • Excellent time management skills.

Working Hours:

  • Part-time position with cooking duties twice a day. Specific hours to be discussed during the interview.


  • Jalvihar Colony, Raipur.


  • Competitive pay based on experience and skills.


  • Flexible part-time schedule.
  • Opportunity to showcase culinary skills.
  • Positive and supportive work environment.

How to Apply:

  • If you meet the qualifications and are interested in the position, please submit your application by [insert method of application, e.g., email, phone].

Join our household in Jalvihar Colony and contribute to the joy of mealtime with your culinary expertise. We look forward to welcoming a dedicated Part-Time Maid to our team!

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