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ITI jobs in Kozhikode By Naukri Mitra, Electricians play a crucial role in various industries, ensuring electrical systems are installed, maintained, and repaired. They interpret blueprints, follow safety protocols, and use tools to complete tasks. Electricians often work in the construction, manufacturing, and maintenance sectors, ensuring electrical safety and efficiency.


ITI jobs in Kozhikode By Naukri Mitra, Fitters assemble and fabricate mechanical structures and components, ensuring they fit together perfectly. They read blueprints, use hand tools and machines, and inspect finished products for quality. Fitters work in manufacturing, construction, and repair industries, contributing to the production and maintenance of machinery and equipment.


ITI jobs in Kozhikode By Naukri Mitra, Turners operate machines such as lathes to shape metal and plastic parts. They read technical drawings, select appropriate tools, and ensure accuracy in dimensions. Turners work in manufacturing and machining industries, producing components for various applications.


ITI jobs in Kozhikode By Naukri Mitra, Machinists set up and operate machine tools to produce precision metal parts. They interpret blueprints, adjust machine settings, and measure finished components to ensure they meet specifications. Machinists work in manufacturing, aerospace, and automotive industries, using their skills to create intricate parts.


ITI jobs in Kozhikode By Naukri Mitra, Welders join metal parts using high heat and specialized equipment. They read blueprints, select welding techniques, and inspect welds for defects. Welders work in the construction, manufacturing, and repair sectors, contributing to the fabrication and maintenance of structures and machinery.

Mechanic (Motor Vehicle)

ITI jobs in Kozhikode By Naukri Mitra, Motor Vehicle Mechanics repair and maintain cars, trucks, and other vehicles. They diagnose problems, perform routine maintenance, and use diagnostic equipment to ensure vehicles operate safely and efficiently. Motor Vehicle Mechanics work in automotive repair shops, dealerships, and fleet maintenance departments.


ITI jobs in Kozhikode By Naukri Mitra, Plumbers install and repair piping systems that carry water, gas, and sewage. They read blueprints, install fixtures, and use tools to cut and join pipes. Plumbers work in the construction, maintenance, and service industries, ensuring plumbing systems function properly and meet building codes.

Tool and Die Maker

ITI jobs in Kozhikode By Naukri Mitra, Tool and Die Makers create and repair precision tools, molds, and dies used in manufacturing. They interpret blueprints, operate machinery, and use precision measuring instruments to ensure accuracy. Tool and Die Makers work in tool rooms and manufacturing plants, supporting production processes.

Non-Engineering Trades

ITI jobs in Kozhikode By Naukri Mitra, Non-Engineering trades offer diverse career paths outside traditional engineering fields. These trades include roles like Stenography (English/Hindi), where professionals transcribe spoken words into written text, ensuring accuracy and speed. Other trades like Dress Making involve designing and sewing garments, catering to fashion and apparel industries.

Stenography (English/Hindi)

ITI jobs in Kozhikode By Naukri Mitra, Stenographers use shorthand and typing skills to transcribe spoken words quickly and accurately. They work in legal, medical, and corporate settings, supporting documentation and record-keeping processes. Stenographers play a crucial role in maintaining efficiency and accuracy in communication.

Dress Making

ITI jobs in Kozhikode By Naukri Mitra, dressmakers create, alter, and repair clothing and garments. They interpret fashion designs, and select fabrics, and use sewing machines and hand-stitching techniques to produce quality garments. Dressmakers work in fashion houses, boutiques, and garment manufacturing units, contributing to the fashion industry's creativity and craftsmanship.

Secretarial Practice

ITI jobs in Kozhikode By Naukri Mitra, Secretarial Practice involve administrative tasks such as managing schedules, handling correspondence, and organizing meetings. Secretaries use office software and communication tools to support executives and teams in various industries. They ensure smooth operations and effective communication within organizations.

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