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Engineering Trades: ITI jobs in Brahmapur By Naukri Mitra

In Brahmapur, Naukri Mitra offers various ITI job opportunities in engineering trades. Electrician: Electricians are in demand across industries, ensuring electrical systems are functional. Fitter: Fitters assemble and maintain machinery parts, crucial for manufacturing units. Turner: Turners operate lathes to shape metals for production needs. Machinist: Machinists operate machine tools to create precision metal parts. Welder: Welders fabricate and join metal parts using welding techniques. Mechanic (Motor Vehicle): Motor vehicle mechanics repair and maintain automobiles. Plumber: Plumbers install and repair piping systems in residential and commercial settings. Tool and Die Maker: Tool and die makers craft specialized tools used in manufacturing processes.

Non-Engineering Trades: ITI jobs in Brahmapur By Naukri Mitra

For non-engineering trades in Brahmapur, Naukri Mitra lists diverse ITI job roles. Stenography (English/Hindi): Stenographers transcribe spoken words into shorthand. Dress Making: Dressmakers create garments based on design specifications. Secretarial Practice: Secretaries manage administrative tasks efficiently. Hospital Housekeeping: Housekeepers maintain cleanliness and hygiene in healthcare settings. Catering and Hospitality Assistant: Assistants support hospitality services in hotels and restaurants. Data Entry Operator: Data entry operators input, update, and maintain data records accurately.

Information Technology (IT) and Computer Trades: ITI jobs in Brahmapur By Naukri Mitra

In Brahmapur, ITI jobs in IT and computer trades offer promising career paths. Computer Operator and Programming Assistant (COPA): COPA professionals manage computer operations and basic programming tasks. Information Technology and Electronics System Maintenance: Technicians maintain IT and electronic systems, ensuring functionality.

Automotive Trades: ITI jobs in Brahmapur By Naukri Mitra

Automotive trades in Brahmapur through Naukri Mitra cater to diverse skill sets. Mechanic (Diesel): Diesel mechanics repair and maintain diesel engines in vehicles and machinery. Mechanic (Tractor): Tractor mechanics specialize in maintaining and repairing agricultural tractors. Mechanic (Auto Electrical and Electronics): Auto electricians handle electrical systems in vehicles, ensuring optimal performance.

Construction Trades: ITI jobs in Brahmapur By Naukri Mitra

Construction trades offer substantial ITI job opportunities in Brahmapur. Carpenter: Carpenters construct and repair building frameworks and structures. Mason (Building Constructor): Masons specialize in building construction using bricks, concrete blocks, and stones. Painter (General): Painters apply paints, varnishes, and other finishes to surfaces.

Healthcare Trades: ITI jobs in Brahmapur By Naukri Mitra

Healthcare trades provide essential ITI job roles in Brahmapur. Health Sanitary Inspector: Inspectors ensure sanitary conditions in healthcare facilities. Physiotherapy Technician: Technicians assist physiotherapists in therapy sessions for patients. Laboratory Assistant: Assistants support laboratory operations, conducting tests and maintaining equipment.

Electronics and Electrical Trades: ITI jobs in Brahmapur By Naukri Mitra

Electronics and electrical trades in Brahmapur include specialized ITI job roles. Electronics Mechanic: Mechanics repair and maintain electronic equipment and systems. Instrument Mechanic: Instrument mechanics calibrate and repair instruments used in various industries.

Agriculture Trades: ITI jobs in Brahmapur By Naukri Mitra

Agriculture trades in Brahmapur offer ITI job opportunities essential for rural development. Fruit and Vegetable Processor: Processors handle the sorting, processing, and packaging of fruits and vegetables. Dairying: Dairying professionals manage dairy operations, ensuring milk production and processing.

Fabrication Trades: ITI jobs in Brahmapur By Naukri Mitra

Fabrication trades play a vital role in Brahmapur's industrial landscape. Sheet Metal Worker: Sheet metal workers fabricate and install sheet metal products. Foundryman: Foundrymen operate furnaces to cast metal parts.

Food Production Trades: ITI jobs in Brahmapur By Naukri Mitra

Food production trades offer ITI job roles crucial for the food industry in Brahmapur. Baker and Confectioner: Bakers produce bread and pastries, while confectioners create sweets and desserts. Food Production (General): General food production workers assist in various stages of food processing and packaging.

Textile Trades: ITI jobs in Brahmapur By Naukri Mitra

Textile trades in Brahmapur encompass diverse ITI job opportunities in the textile industry. Weaving: Weavers operate looms to create woven fabrics from yarns. Textile Wet Processing Technician: Technicians process textiles through dyeing, printing, and finishing stages.

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