Domestic Helpers Needed in Thiruvananthapuram – Nannies, Cooks, Cleaners & More


Are you and for domestic helper jobs in Thiruvananthapuram? Naukri Mitra has a variety of opportunities available, from home nurses to japa maids, housekeepers to cleaners, peons to drivers, nannies to cooks, maids to caretakers and babysitters. Discover how you can start your job search today!


Create Your Profile in Naukri Mitra

After you have identified the types of domestic helper jobs that best match your qualifications and interests, it's time to create a profile in Naukri Mitra. This is where potential employers will view your relevant skills, credentials, and experience – so make sure it’s complete, up-to-date, and filled with socially acceptable information! Once your profile is in order, be sure to apply for any jobs that look most promising. The more applications you place, the better chance of success!

Check for Suitable Job Openings

Once you have created an account in Naukri Mitra, it's time to look for suitable job openings. Start by reviewing the list of categories of domestic helpers to narrow your search based on career interests and skills. Then be sure to read through job descriptions carefully – paying particular attention to the company’s qualifications and expectations. Finally, apply for any positions that look promising and best match your abilities. Good luck!

Make sure to read the Job Description Carefully

Before submitting a job application, it is important to read through the job description carefully. Be aware of the qualifications and skills required by the employer, as well as any other expectations they have. Knowing this information can help you tailor your resume and cover letter to match their specific requirements and increase your chances of success in landing the domestic helper job that you want in Thiruvananthapuram.

Highlight Important Skills from your CV/Resume

When submitting a resume or curriculum vitae for a domestic helper job in Thiruvananthapuram, pay special attention to the skills and qualities that may be relevant for the position. This could include time management, teamwork, organization, problem-solving, communication, and interpersonal skills. Additionally, if you have any specific qualifications or experiences related to the job role (e.g. childcare experience), make sure to highlight those on your CV as well.

Sign Up for Interviews & Make Use of Recruitment Offers

Another important step in the job search process is to sign up for interviews and take full advantage of any recruitment offers you may receive. Make sure to research the company before attending the interview, so that you are fully prepared and have an understanding of the role and duties associated with it. Additionally, be sure to dress appropriately for the interview and show your best qualities – both personal and professional – in order to make a good impression.

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