Available Home Nurse, Japa Maid, Housekeeper and Other Domestic Helpers Jobs in Raipur


Looking for Domestic Helper jobs in Raipur? Whether you are looking for Cook, Home Nurse, Japa Maid, Housekeeper or Cleaner roles, Naukri Mitra has it all. Explore this guide to find out more about the roles available and how to apply!


Understand the Types of Domestic Helper Employments Available in Raipur.

Before you begin your job search, it's important to understand the types of roles that are available in Raipur. Common Domestic Helper positions include Home Nurse, Japa Maid, Housekeeper, and Cleaner. All these roles vary slightly in duties, hours and wage requirements. Make sure to research each role thoroughly so you can find one that suits your needs and skill set perfectly.

Familiarise Yourself with Common Duties for Each Role.

As a Domestic Helper, you will likely have to perform specific tasks depending on the job you have chosen. Home Nurse roles involve providing basic medical care, such as monitoring vital signs and administering medicines when required. Japa Maid roles involve helping with meal preparation and household cleaning duties. Housekeepers are required to dust surfaces, vacuum carpets and floors, do laundry, and tidy up rooms. And Cleaners may be asked to mop floors, sweep paths, clean windows and mirrors, and scrub bathrooms. Familiarising yourself with common job duties for each domestic helper role can help you decide which one is the best fit for you.

Research the Salaries and Schedules Available in Raipur.

It's important to research the salaries and schedules of domestic helper jobs in Raipur, to make sure the role you take on is financially beneficial. Salaries vary from position to position, so make sure you compare rates before committing to a job. Schedules are also an important consideration – understand which shifts and working hours you'll be expected to work, and whether these match your availability. Knowing this information can ensure you choose a domestic helper role that meets all your needs.

Find Essential Requirements for Domestic Helpers Jobs in India.

Before applying for any position in India, it’s important to understand the basic requirements. Many domestic helper roles require a minimum age of 18 years and eligible documents such as ID proof and/or a police verification report. Other qualifications may also be required depending on the role – especially if you plan on working in medical positions such as Licensed Practitioner or Home Nurse. Familiarizing yourself with these details before applying can ensure you have all the necessary skills and paperwork needed to get a job.

Explore Additional Qualifications That Could Improve Your Prospects.

Many employers look for domestic helpers with additional qualifications or certifications that could improve the quality of their work. Candidates should familiarize themselves with local government regulations on licensing and certification requirements, such as first aid and CPR certification that might be necessary for medical roles. Enrolling in specialized training courses and programs can also do wonders to boost your hiring potential, especially if you want to specialize in a specific field such as IT.

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