Japa and maid


Job Title: Babysitter cum Maid

Location: Amritsar, India

Job Description:

Are you a dedicated and responsible individual looking for a rewarding role as a Babysitter cum Maid? We are a family residing in Katra Jaimal Singh, Amritsar, and we are seeking a caring and efficient individual to assist us with childcare and household duties. We have a lovely 11-month-old child who requires assistance during the day, while you can return home at night. Your primary responsibility will be to stay with the wife and take care of our child. We offer a competitive day work basis compensation for your dedication.

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Childcare: Your main responsibility is to provide excellent care for our 11-month-old child. This includes feeding, diapering, dressing, and ensuring their safety and comfort.
  2. Household Support: Assist with light household chores during the day, such as cleaning, tidying up, and laundry, to help maintain a comfortable and organized home environment.
  3. Daytime Presence: Stay with the wife throughout the day, providing support as needed while she manages household tasks and responsibilities.
  4. Safety: Ensure the safety and well-being of our child at all times, both indoors and outdoors. Be prepared to respond to emergencies and administer first aid if necessary.
  5. Meal Preparation: Prepare and serve meals and snacks for the child as directed by the family, considering any dietary preferences or restrictions.


  • Prior experience in childcare and housekeeping roles.
  • A genuine love for children and a nurturing disposition.
  • Reliability, patience, and strong communication skills.
  • Basic knowledge of first aid and CPR is a plus.

Contact Information:

Name: Shamsher

Email: shmshr.sng@gmail.com

Phone: 8847030438

Address: Hno 217/1, Near Telephone Exchange, Katra Kanhaiya, Amritsar

If you are a responsible and caring individual looking for a babysitter cum maid position in Amritsar, please contact Shamsher using the provided contact information. Join our family and make a positive impact on the life of our child while enjoying a competitive compensation package.

Contact Information

Hno 217/1, Near Telephone Exchange , Katra Kanhaiya, Amritsar

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