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Apart from the Jhulaghar, there is also another option for you. If you both husband and wife are working, go to the office, and do not want to leave the children alone then you can take a babysitter service in an affordable range. Naukri Mitra has started a babysitter service in your location which can prove beneficial for you.

Jhulaghar vs Babysitter Service in Maheshwar

Millions of people have become unemployed due to Corona, now ladies are also going to work outside the home so that they can help their families. Your children may also be prone to corona infection among more children in the swing, so it will be beneficial for the babysitter and for your children. You can get babysitter service in the same fee that you will pay in the swing, the babysitter’s salary ranges from 6000 to 9000 rupees monthly.

Benefits Of Babysitter

The babysitter will not only take care of your children but will also do other household chores such as helping with cooking, dusting, washing children’s clothes, taking the children for a walk, feeding them, and other tasks. Help will also be available and any needy will get a babysitter job.

How to Verify a Babysitter

Although the babysitters provided by the agency are mostly verified, you can also get them verified yourself – you can bring the Domestic Helper Verification form from the nearest Police Station or you can download the form from your city police website and submit it to Police Station.

Who should be hired as a babysitter?

Make sure that the babysitter’s home is within a range of 5 kilometers from your home and there is easy access to public transport to reach your home. If you hire a babysitter from a distant location, it will be a problem, they will have difficulty in daily commuting and will be late for most of the day. Or put a woman on a babysitter job who has her own scooty.

Avoid this type Candidates

Avoid women who use drugs or tobacco. Your children will be badly affected. Don’t hire a woman of an overly angry nature.It is necessary to have a feeling of affection towards the children in the woman. The woman doing the job of babysitter should be active and not have any kind of disease.

What documents to keep with you before hiring a babysitter?

Keep Aadhar card and their photo and address and contact details of two Relatives or Friends working with you and verify those contact details once.

Make sure to have a camera at home

You will benefit greatly by installing a camera, you can observe the work of the babysitter from time to time and no servant or babysitter will be able to steal any items from your house.

Maid Services In Maheshwar

If you are troubled by your maid and want to take service from such an agency after which tension becomes free then you are on the right website. Here you will be provided part-time/full-time and 24-hour maids.

Home Nurse Service In Maheshwar

If you are searching for the service of a home nurse or caretaker, then Naukri Mitra will provide you with this service. Provides you with a part-time/full-time/24 hour home nurse caretaker, home care, or eldercare.

Hotel Cook And Home Cook Service In Maheshwar

We are available as part-time/full-time and 24-hour cooks for home and hotel cooking.

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